Educational Restructuring on Trial

Introduction by Wayne Dyrness

In 1995, I was pleased to have been involved in helping produce a video that exposed  how the education system and our government, in collusion with the United Nations (also referred to as the ‘Educational Confederacy’), planned to  create a  system that would  reduce our schools to centers of indoctrination and social engineering, conditioning our children to blindly accept citizenship in a NEW INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ORDER, a one-world government based on a global economy, controlled by the international banking cartel and multi-national corporations .

goals 2000The focus of the video was on a program called ‘Goal 2000,’  which found its roots all the way back to 1947 starting with UNESCO documents. Interestingly, a few months after producing the video, I was hired by the Kent School District (Washington State) to produce a video on how they were going to implement Goal 2000 into all the schools located in their district.  The script they provided validated the charges levied in the ‘Educational Restructuring’ videos, of which I had just finished a few months earlier. Contained within their script were portions taken directly out of United Nations related documents that I had previously seen.

To make this video presentation a bit more interesting, it was decided to present the evidence as (Newscom TagID: ndxphotos003239)     [Photo via Newscom]though it was done in a Court of Law.  So, we constructed a set with a judge’s bench and a podium from which the expert witnesses would testify.  Charges were made (as in a real court), and the evidence was presented.

At the conclusion of the trial, the jury had to make a decision as to the veracity of these charges and then render a verdict, and take action to stop it.

The ‘court’ in this video presentation is the ‘Court of Public Opinion,’ and the jurors are you, the viewer of the video, who sit on the Grand Jury to hear the demonstrative evidence that validates these charges.

This is a transcript of the actual video. Jed Brown (who ran for State School Superintendent in the State of Washington two times) and Katie Levans, both educators, spent hundreds of hours researching.  Their presentation was heavily documented and substantiated by the presence of the actual books, manuscripts, and writings that were discussed in the video.

Video copies of this entire 4-part series can be purchased through Katie Levans. If you’re interested, contact her at


you may watch them below courtesy of YouTube & TheBloomerGal.

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