The Ugliness and Dangers of Using Racism as a Weapon

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Correction – In my last article I stated that Federal Pensions are not subjected to income tax.  It was brought to my attention that that has been changed.  All but the actual amount the federal worker contributed (usually about 2% to 3%) is taxed as ordinary income.  Reference:  Federal Employee Retirement website.


The Ugliness and Dangers of Using Racism as a Weapon

Donald Sterling, whose Clippers aren't for sale, he says. (Associated Press photo)

Donald Sterling, whose Clipper aren’t for sale, he says. (Associated Press photo)

With the top sensational news story of the day, the racial rant by the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, everyone is jumping on the band wagon of announcing their condemnation and outrage of his statements.  There is no excuse for what he said and it is disgusting; however there are core elements of racism that are far more disturbing… and dangerous that I want to explore with you.

Many would have you believe that racism is one of the most important topics to talk about today that America is a racially divided country and minorities and especially Blacks are victims of mass racism.  Simply not true!   Yes… in our very diverse America there are racist and I’m sorry to say… always will be.  Just as there will always be those willing to steal, lie, cheat, assault and even kill others.  We all know; the thought of living in American in perfect harmony and love by all is simply a fairy tale and is impossibility.  In human nature there’s always good, bad and evil. But as each generation passes you are seeing Racism and Prejudice lessoning every decade.

I reject that most people in America are racist.  In fact, if you look at percentages I contend they are very few true hatful racist.  Yes there are those with attitudes of White on Black racism as demonstrated by Mr. Sterling and others over the years in their words and deed and it’s deplorable.  However… some of that is continually whipped up and fed by race-baiters like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpen.  Not good people.  They feed off the uninformed, ill-informed and some who are ignorant. They make money by taking every conceivable opportunity to exploit the actions of a few and preaching that the entire population of Black people are victims of discrimination by most Whites in the country which simply is not true.  They demand that more and more of something/everything be given as restitution  for their the past suffering for which most alive today ever personally experience.  People give them millions to keep up those fights and keep the hate simmering.

Polls suggest that Black on White racism is more than White on Black but even so, I believe it’s a very small percentage.  But it too is equally ugly and deplorable.


Yes, there is White on Black racism, Black on White racism as well as ignorant, ill-informed and radicals who may have been raised wrong or learned it somewhere else, who have negative racial attitudes towards Germans or Japanese or Vietnamese, especially some who may be old enough to have fought in wars against people from those countries. I know I ran into a few of those folks while serving in Germany in the early 60s.  Most people I met had had no ill-feelings about Americans since WW-II, however I did run across a few who still held ill-will and prejudice towards Americans.

There are those who have demonstrated racism towards Hispanics, American Indians along with every other race out there. But I say again… total up all the true hatful racist in this country and you will find they are a very small percentage.  They may be a higher percentage who are ‘prejudice’ but don’t act upon their attitudes or in any way broadcast their prejudice in words or deeds.  Those people are no different than those who are tempted to steal but don’t act upon the impulse. It may also depend on your personal age and experiences.  I grew up in Southern CA and I grew up with Blacks, Hispanics and Asians and I never experienced a racial person until I went into the Army at age 17.  It was the first time when I witnessed a recruit from Alabama refer to a Black man using the “N” word.

As bad as hatful racism is; I believe the side of this topic that we need to get out in the open, talk about in depth… and expose… is the ugliness of using race, racism and what is called the ‘race card’ as a political weapon to put people on the immediate defensive, intimidate, marginalize, and silence them.

Nothing drives the spear of fear deeper into the heart of a person than being called a racist. It causes whatever topic that was being debated to fall into the background as the focus goes to the opposing person now being demonize.  It causes the recipient of the attack to go immediately on the defensive, retreat and quickly go silent. It’s that powerful of a weapon. But it’s wrong!  It’s ugly! And you should NEVER allow it to be used against you.

There is a difference between having opinions about people and acting on those opinions to embarrass, hurt or otherwise degrade those people. We are free to live our lives as we wish, socialize with people we want, date who we want and marry anyone of any race we choose.  As long as a person treats others they come in contact respectfully with their words and deeds, they have no obligation to prove they are not racist or prejudice. When you hear elected officials and their pundits on the Left label millions of people, such as those in the Tea Party as racist… We have to draw the line.  It’s something we, as Americans cannot allow to happen without a strong challenge.

I need to set the stage for the rest of this article by telling you a few things… first about myself. My family is very much diverse.  We have Blacks, Hispanic, Mexican and Arab family members. My side of the family is mostly French Canadian decent with a good mix of those who are of European countries decent on my first wife’s side. My mother was one-quarter Canadian Black Foot Indian.  I can tell you emphatically there is not a racist person in my family… not one!  We have little use for anyone who is racist and with the hundreds of people we come in contact with every year I don’t think I have seen… or heard any of my family members coming in contact with, in person, one true hateful racist. Where we live, the people we are around… you just don’t see it.

It’s when racism is used as a political weapon, that it is not only very wrong, deplorable and disgusting…  but becomes very ugly and DANGEROUS especially when used by our president and other elected officials.

 Barak Obama is either a racist or one who is willing to use racism as a sword to fend off, marginalize, or silence anyone who opposes him.  He has done it personally and many of his inner-circle such as Mr. Holder, pundits and far-left supporters have follow suit. Just last week both Mr. Holder and Michelle Obama gave race based commencement speeches.  I’m a professional speaker and have given my share of commencement speeches and I have never and would never consider bringing race into a speech that is to inspire impressionable young people heading out into the world striving for success.  Have you notice that people like Chris Mathews MSNBC can hardly make a statement about Obama’s opponents without bringing up race and / or calling them racists?  You don’t like an Obama policy… it must be because he’s Black and thus you are a racist.  Here are just a few of the times that give us evidence about Mr. Obama:

He sat in a separatist church for over 20 years while one of the most outspoken anti- white preachers, Jeremiah Wright, spewed racist slurs from the pulpit.  Many excerpts from those speeches where played on TV and radio during the 2008 presidential campaign.  Obama only left the church and distance himself from Reverend Wright when it was hurting his campaign.

He criticized the Cambridge police and said of Jim Crawley, the policeman who rightfully arrested one of Obama’s Black Harvard professor friends, Louis Gates Jr.  in Cambridge, “that he acted stupidly”, when he didn’t even have all the facts about the case.

He played the race card when things were not going well against Hillary Clinton to the point that she felt it necessary to on national TV and say “Shame on you Mr. Obama… Shame on you.”  He said that she was a white power advocate using Klan talking points.

He jumped in on the Trevor Martin case saying things like if he had a son he would look like Trevon helping Sharpen to insert racism into the case which it was proved that it was only Martin who made racial comments.  This was in the middle of the race baiter’s rallies in FL after the incident.  Notice that Mr. Obama has not once spoken out when a white person was brutally murdered by a black person. I’m not saying he should have… what I’m saying is that he should not have chosen a highly visible case for which race was already an issue unless he wanted to support the race issue.

Mrs. Obama’s statement that she has never felt proud of her country until now (after Obama was elected).  And it’s my understanding that her thesis on “Separatism” has never been released for public readership… I wonder why?  Actions and words tell the story and the actions speak louder than the words.

Holder, just a few weeks ago announced to the world that all the criticism he and the President have had to put up with was unprecedented and full indication was it was because they were Black.  Remember this is the same Mr. Holder that dismissed a drum-tight case against two Black Panthers who were dressed in military uniforms and carrying clubs, intimidating people at a voting precinct.  We are exploring the use of the race card here but you should know that this technique of marginalization and separation of the populist is right from the pages of Rules for Radicals.

From this day forward listen carefully to how the Left tries to expand any label they choose to put on you.  You say you are against paying for Abortions or free contraception… and you are against ALL women… you hate All women. You are in the war against women.

You are against amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants… you are prejudice against Mexicans and other Hispanics.

You believe in traditional marriage being between one man and one woman… you are labeled as homophobic. You hate all gays.

You speak out against giving free breakfasts’ and dinners at school… you hate kids.  You are against the poor.

Can you see the danger here?  How can anyone oppose people who are pushing radically left Socialist/Marxist policies without being slandered and minimized?  We need to cut spending because if we don’t… our economy will fail… recommend ways to do this and you hate poor people and don’t care about hungry kids.  Or they will use that opportunity to defend any social program of the day at the expense of demonizing you.

You state that you know that Global Warming – (Sorry it’s now Climate Change because the planet has not been warming for over 15 years) is a hoax because there are many scientists who don’t take Government grants who have proof that many of the facts and computer models used to instill the fear have been altered or manipulated.  You state that you feel that Climate Change is just a scam to measure CO2 and take billions of your tax dollars and give to the environmentalist group who are nothing more than front groups for mostly Democratic politicians who keep giving these people billions in grants as long as their message advances their political agenda.

You speak out against public unions and you are labeled as one who wants workers to be slaves of employers as the balance between public workers pay, health insurance and pensions become so unbalanced that federal workers now make twice that of their private sector counterparts.

I believe that many good elected officials are making the decision to ‘back off’ because they fear the backlash of trying to hold Mr. Obama, Holder and others accountable for their actions of over-reaching their authority, their parts in the scandals… especially the IRS, NSA and now the Veterans Healthcare scandals.  They need to take attention off the multiple lies they spew to the American People about those scandals and their attempts to cover them up.  I have had one elected official confide in me as to their fear of what would happen if you brought the first African American president before a Grand Jury.  Worse, what would be the response around the country if he were impeached, even if all the evidence warranted such action?  I suggest it would be similar to the difference in the groups who thought O.J. Simpson was innocent or guilty.

So what is the answer?  Simple… DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO LABEL YOU!  This is going to sound very crude but I fight back with the same weapon but I never use it unless someone tries to use the race card on me.  When anyone tries to label me as a racist… I simply ask them… “Are you a ‘child-molester?”  The look of shock on their face that is usually followed with a good amount of anger… is stunning. I tell them… “I’m as much a racist as you are child-molester…” These are both pretty ugly terms.  But they get the message loud and clear.

You must stand up and not let these radicals control the debate by slandering and silencing you.  Andrew Willcow, one of my favorite radio and TV personalities and very good political analyst has a great saying.  “We are right and they are wrong! That’s the end of the story.”  And you know why we are right?  Our political stands are in line with the Constitution of the United States.  The left has to thwart the Constitution to justify their position.  Have you noticed one very big difference about Liberal policies…If their ideas and policies are so good why must they ALWAYS be mandated… Forced, on the populist?


Average American Bob




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