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Wayne Dyrness is the owner and president of an audio/video production company. Involved hand-on in the audio and video production business for over 37 years, he has been named in over 8 Who’s Who editions both nationally and internationally (including Who’s Who in American Business Leaders, Who’s Who Registry of Global Business Leaders, Who’s Who International, and Who’s Who in Education).

He is the author of “Apple Programming Secrets THEY Didn’t Want You to Know,” published by Prentice Hall in their Computer Learning Series, along with several published articles. Additionally, he is a multiple award-winning videographer and editor (Silver & Bronze Telly, Axiom, Videography & Communicator Awards).

With a B.S. in Biblical Studies, along with advanced studies and research, he understands the biblical values our founding fathers intended for this great nation. As George Washington (first president of the U.S.) stated, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”

With a biblical worldview, Wayne is troubled by progressives and liberals who seek to distort and rewrite history; who have disdain and outright hatred for God and people of faith; who wish to not only impose and force immorality on society through bullying and misuse of our legal system, but demand that those who disagree with their view be attacked and prosecuted under the guise of “hate-crimes,” and against those who seek to radically change our political system into a socialist or communist country.

Armed with intellect, facts, and data Wayne is not afraid to challenge or debate the left who depend upon “emotion” and “lemming-like devotion” to a godless political party and a narcissistic leader.


Bob Tacy, Jr. has traveled  all over the world as a renown keynote speaker and trainer.  Now semi-retired, he devotes his time to researching politics and the effects of liberal progressives on the American society. He has the uncanny ability to cut through the spin and reveal the truth.  You’re going to enjoy Bob’s articles.