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The Ugliness and Dangers of Using Racism as a Weapon

Average American Bob

Correction – In my last article I stated that Federal Pensions are not subjected to income tax.  It was brought to my attention that that has been changed.  All but the actual amount the federal worker contributed (usually about 2% to 3%) is taxed as ordinary income.  Reference:  Federal Employee Retirement website.


The Ugliness and Dangers of Using Racism as a Weapon

Donald Sterling, whose Clippers aren't for sale, he says. (Associated Press photo)

Donald Sterling, whose Clipper aren’t for sale, he says. (Associated Press photo)

With the top sensational news story of the day, the racial rant by the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, everyone is jumping on the band wagon of announcing their condemnation and outrage of his statements.  There is no excuse for what he said and it is disgusting; however there are core elements of racism that are far more disturbing… and dangerous that I want to explore with you.

Many would have you believe that racism is one of the most important topics to talk about today that America is a racially divided country and minorities and especially Blacks are victims of mass racism.  Simply not true!   Yes… in our very diverse America there are racist and I’m sorry to say… always will be.  Just as there will always be those willing to steal, lie, cheat, assault and even kill others.  We all know; the thought of living in American in perfect harmony and love by all is simply a fairy tale and is impossibility.  In human nature there’s always good, bad and evil. But as each generation passes you are seeing Racism and Prejudice lessoning every decade.

I reject that most people in America are racist.  In fact, if you look at percentages I contend they are very few true hatful racist.  Yes there are those with attitudes of White on Black racism as demonstrated by Mr. Sterling and others over the years in their words and deed and it’s deplorable.  However… some of that is continually whipped up and fed by race-baiters like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpen.  Not good people.  They feed off the uninformed, ill-informed and some who are ignorant. They make money by taking every conceivable opportunity to exploit the actions of a few and preaching that the entire population of Black people are victims of discrimination by most Whites in the country which simply is not true.  They demand that more and more of something/everything be given as restitution  for their the past suffering for which most alive today ever personally experience.  People give them millions to keep up those fights and keep the hate simmering.

Polls suggest that Black on White racism is more than White on Black but even so, I believe it’s a very small percentage.  But it too is equally ugly and deplorable.


Yes, there is White on Black racism, Black on White racism as well as ignorant, ill-informed and radicals who may have been raised wrong or learned it somewhere else, who have negative racial attitudes towards Germans or Japanese or Vietnamese, especially some who may be old enough to have fought in wars against people from those countries. I know I ran into a few of those folks while serving in Germany in the early 60s.  Most people I met had had no ill-feelings about Americans since WW-II, however I did run across a few who still held ill-will and prejudice towards Americans.

There are those who have demonstrated racism towards Hispanics, American Indians along with every other race out there. But I say again… total up all the true hatful racist in this country and you will find they are a very small percentage.  They may be a higher percentage who are ‘prejudice’ but don’t act upon their attitudes or in any way broadcast their prejudice in words or deeds.  Those people are no different than those who are tempted to steal but don’t act upon the impulse. It may also depend on your personal age and experiences.  I grew up in Southern CA and I grew up with Blacks, Hispanics and Asians and I never experienced a racial person until I went into the Army at age 17.  It was the first time when I witnessed a recruit from Alabama refer to a Black man using the “N” word.

As bad as hatful racism is; I believe the side of this topic that we need to get out in the open, talk about in depth… and expose… is the ugliness of using race, racism and what is called the ‘race card’ as a political weapon to put people on the immediate defensive, intimidate, marginalize, and silence them.

Nothing drives the spear of fear deeper into the heart of a person than being called a racist. It causes whatever topic that was being debated to fall into the background as the focus goes to the opposing person now being demonize.  It causes the recipient of the attack to go immediately on the defensive, retreat and quickly go silent. It’s that powerful of a weapon. But it’s wrong!  It’s ugly! And you should NEVER allow it to be used against you.

There is a difference between having opinions about people and acting on those opinions to embarrass, hurt or otherwise degrade those people. We are free to live our lives as we wish, socialize with people we want, date who we want and marry anyone of any race we choose.  As long as a person treats others they come in contact respectfully with their words and deeds, they have no obligation to prove they are not racist or prejudice. When you hear elected officials and their pundits on the Left label millions of people, such as those in the Tea Party as racist… We have to draw the line.  It’s something we, as Americans cannot allow to happen without a strong challenge.

I need to set the stage for the rest of this article by telling you a few things… first about myself. My family is very much diverse.  We have Blacks, Hispanic, Mexican and Arab family members. My side of the family is mostly French Canadian decent with a good mix of those who are of European countries decent on my first wife’s side. My mother was one-quarter Canadian Black Foot Indian.  I can tell you emphatically there is not a racist person in my family… not one!  We have little use for anyone who is racist and with the hundreds of people we come in contact with every year I don’t think I have seen… or heard any of my family members coming in contact with, in person, one true hateful racist. Where we live, the people we are around… you just don’t see it.

It’s when racism is used as a political weapon, that it is not only very wrong, deplorable and disgusting…  but becomes very ugly and DANGEROUS especially when used by our president and other elected officials.

 Barak Obama is either a racist or one who is willing to use racism as a sword to fend off, marginalize, or silence anyone who opposes him.  He has done it personally and many of his inner-circle such as Mr. Holder, pundits and far-left supporters have follow suit. Just last week both Mr. Holder and Michelle Obama gave race based commencement speeches.  I’m a professional speaker and have given my share of commencement speeches and I have never and would never consider bringing race into a speech that is to inspire impressionable young people heading out into the world striving for success.  Have you notice that people like Chris Mathews MSNBC can hardly make a statement about Obama’s opponents without bringing up race and / or calling them racists?  You don’t like an Obama policy… it must be because he’s Black and thus you are a racist.  Here are just a few of the times that give us evidence about Mr. Obama:

He sat in a separatist church for over 20 years while one of the most outspoken anti- white preachers, Jeremiah Wright, spewed racist slurs from the pulpit.  Many excerpts from those speeches where played on TV and radio during the 2008 presidential campaign.  Obama only left the church and distance himself from Reverend Wright when it was hurting his campaign.

He criticized the Cambridge police and said of Jim Crawley, the policeman who rightfully arrested one of Obama’s Black Harvard professor friends, Louis Gates Jr.  in Cambridge, “that he acted stupidly”, when he didn’t even have all the facts about the case.

He played the race card when things were not going well against Hillary Clinton to the point that she felt it necessary to on national TV and say “Shame on you Mr. Obama… Shame on you.”  He said that she was a white power advocate using Klan talking points.

He jumped in on the Trevor Martin case saying things like if he had a son he would look like Trevon helping Sharpen to insert racism into the case which it was proved that it was only Martin who made racial comments.  This was in the middle of the race baiter’s rallies in FL after the incident.  Notice that Mr. Obama has not once spoken out when a white person was brutally murdered by a black person. I’m not saying he should have… what I’m saying is that he should not have chosen a highly visible case for which race was already an issue unless he wanted to support the race issue.

Mrs. Obama’s statement that she has never felt proud of her country until now (after Obama was elected).  And it’s my understanding that her thesis on “Separatism” has never been released for public readership… I wonder why?  Actions and words tell the story and the actions speak louder than the words.

Holder, just a few weeks ago announced to the world that all the criticism he and the President have had to put up with was unprecedented and full indication was it was because they were Black.  Remember this is the same Mr. Holder that dismissed a drum-tight case against two Black Panthers who were dressed in military uniforms and carrying clubs, intimidating people at a voting precinct.  We are exploring the use of the race card here but you should know that this technique of marginalization and separation of the populist is right from the pages of Rules for Radicals.

From this day forward listen carefully to how the Left tries to expand any label they choose to put on you.  You say you are against paying for Abortions or free contraception… and you are against ALL women… you hate All women. You are in the war against women.

You are against amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants… you are prejudice against Mexicans and other Hispanics.

You believe in traditional marriage being between one man and one woman… you are labeled as homophobic. You hate all gays.

You speak out against giving free breakfasts’ and dinners at school… you hate kids.  You are against the poor.

Can you see the danger here?  How can anyone oppose people who are pushing radically left Socialist/Marxist policies without being slandered and minimized?  We need to cut spending because if we don’t… our economy will fail… recommend ways to do this and you hate poor people and don’t care about hungry kids.  Or they will use that opportunity to defend any social program of the day at the expense of demonizing you.

You state that you know that Global Warming – (Sorry it’s now Climate Change because the planet has not been warming for over 15 years) is a hoax because there are many scientists who don’t take Government grants who have proof that many of the facts and computer models used to instill the fear have been altered or manipulated.  You state that you feel that Climate Change is just a scam to measure CO2 and take billions of your tax dollars and give to the environmentalist group who are nothing more than front groups for mostly Democratic politicians who keep giving these people billions in grants as long as their message advances their political agenda.

You speak out against public unions and you are labeled as one who wants workers to be slaves of employers as the balance between public workers pay, health insurance and pensions become so unbalanced that federal workers now make twice that of their private sector counterparts.

I believe that many good elected officials are making the decision to ‘back off’ because they fear the backlash of trying to hold Mr. Obama, Holder and others accountable for their actions of over-reaching their authority, their parts in the scandals… especially the IRS, NSA and now the Veterans Healthcare scandals.  They need to take attention off the multiple lies they spew to the American People about those scandals and their attempts to cover them up.  I have had one elected official confide in me as to their fear of what would happen if you brought the first African American president before a Grand Jury.  Worse, what would be the response around the country if he were impeached, even if all the evidence warranted such action?  I suggest it would be similar to the difference in the groups who thought O.J. Simpson was innocent or guilty.

So what is the answer?  Simple… DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO LABEL YOU!  This is going to sound very crude but I fight back with the same weapon but I never use it unless someone tries to use the race card on me.  When anyone tries to label me as a racist… I simply ask them… “Are you a ‘child-molester?”  The look of shock on their face that is usually followed with a good amount of anger… is stunning. I tell them… “I’m as much a racist as you are child-molester…” These are both pretty ugly terms.  But they get the message loud and clear.

You must stand up and not let these radicals control the debate by slandering and silencing you.  Andrew Willcow, one of my favorite radio and TV personalities and very good political analyst has a great saying.  “We are right and they are wrong! That’s the end of the story.”  And you know why we are right?  Our political stands are in line with the Constitution of the United States.  The left has to thwart the Constitution to justify their position.  Have you noticed one very big difference about Liberal policies…If their ideas and policies are so good why must they ALWAYS be mandated… Forced, on the populist?


Average American Bob




Work for it or do without – Understanding Conservatives

Work for it or do without – Understanding Conservatives
Written by Average American Bob


1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of

2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without

3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!

5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

For liberals who mock and degrade Conservatives you may want reexamine your understanding of who we are and about what we advocate before you knowingly participate in… or support hate and slander campaigns:


Limited Government & Follow the Constitution
Our founders knew that the failure of every great country was because the centralized government became so big and powerful that the common people became slaves to it and could not support it.  Our founders in their wisdom designed a Constitution that would limit the Federal Government’s role to securing her people with a strong military, and the numerated powers that were clearly outlined in the Constitution that would take care of only what could not be done effectively by the states.

We elect representatives with the expectation that they will hold true the oath they take to defend and follow the U.S. Constitution, not try to manipulate or circumvent it. Three separate and equally powerful branches of government for the checks and balances.

There are those who say that the Constitution is out of date for today’s complex world.  Our founders understood that and gave us a way to add to, delete or change the document.  It’s called the amendment process.  Yes it’s a difficult process and for good reason our founders didn’t want any one group to be able to change your protection of freedom without the absolute okay of you, the American people.  So it takes super-majority votes in the Senate and House as well as two thirds of the states.

As I have said many times… any time any President, politician tries to introduce legislation that would go against the Constitution… they are doing it knowing that they could never get their change through the amendment process.  Our Constitution has outlined clearly that LIMITS what the government can do to you… it was never about what the government must do for you.  If we continue to allow our elected officials to try and by-pass the Constitution, we will lose our Republic and fall helpless to whomever those who are in power at the time.


Self Reliance and Personal Responsibility
Where is it written anywhere in either the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution that one person is responsible for the livelihood of another?  Where in either of those two great documents does it allow for the government to take from one person and give to another for the sole reason the government feels that the recipient is more deserving than the person who earned provided the money?

If the excuse is that there is a “moral” obligation, where does it allow in our free society for the government to dictate what is moral or not? Our founders understood clearly that the only obligation of the Government was to make sure that there was EQUAL OPPORTUNITY… understanding that there would always be a great difference in results.  People are just different… some have more talent than others, some are risk takers.  Others have great drive and ambition while there are those who don’t care and are lazy and unmotivated.

Let everyone live their life the way they want.  If you want more… you work longer or harder, get educated or learn a trade.  But don’t expect those who make great sacrifices in effort, time with family and long hours to be directly responsible for anyone else.  Here is a basic truth… when you allow the government to take more from you to give to others you are allowing them to take your basic freedoms and liberty.


We all understand about helping the truly needy, those who either are mentally or physically unable to take care of themselves.  But for those who are able-bodied?  Force them back to work or to improve upon their situation by NOT giving them enough to be ‘comfortable.’

Be honest, if one of your adult kids moved home and stopped looking for work, sat around the house all day and watch TV and played video games, ate your food and sucked off your generosity, what would you do?  You know exactly what you would do. At some point you would kick them out and MAKE them go get a job and take care of themselves. Now, if you are willing to show tough love with one of your own kids, why would you not be willing to do the same thing for someone you don’t know?

Psychological fact: A person must feel uncomfortable in their poverty before they will do anything about it.  It doesn’t mean that poor people aren’t happy. I grew up in a poor family and we were a very happy, close family.


Lower taxes
This is just common sense.  Even JFK understood this basic concept.  The more money you earn that you are able to keep the more you have to spend on things YOU want, the more you have to give to help people YOU want to help.  Nothing helps an economy grow than more people spending more money.  This is a simple concept of basic freedom, the freedom to live your life the way YOU want.

A person in CA earning $90,000 a year has over 70% of his earnings going to pay taxes.  (Income tax 35%, SS & Medicare taxes approximately 10%, State income taxes 12%, sales taxes 10% and property taxes 3%).  And that doesn’t even consider embedded taxes in gasoline, telephone bills, utility bills, etc.  How much is too much?  At what point does the person working their butt off wake up one day and say it’s no longer worth it?

The percentage will change from state to state but you get the idea.  Success is being so penalized that at some point, people just don’t even want to try. High taxes will kill the Great American entrepreneurial spirit in this country.


Traditional Values
Our country was founded on Christian/Judeo principals that has love, caring and compassion at their core.  It gives us a clear definition of right and wrong. Look how we have strayed from the traditional family and the huge impact that has had on the character of so many of our young people.

From day one, the left has done everything in their power to remove all evidence of God from the public eye, the one thing that gives most people their moral compass and the constant reminder of our core values. Look how the left wants to disregard or get rid of so many of our traditions, some of which have been with us for over 200 years, such as Christmas decorations on public buildings or spaces.  A time of joy, peace and giving generated by the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Why are people so upset with that?  So what if you don’t believe in Christ or even God.  Enjoy the day off from work that the holiday affords most people and chill. You may not believe that all the wonders of the universe were created, but you still enjoy of its beauty and greatness don’t you?  Chill!


Fiscal Responsibility
No organization on the face of the earth wastes more money than the U.S. Government.  And it’s not only the waste, it’s the high cost of corruption when the government participates in paying special interest and favored companies, even entire countries, giving away our hard-earned dollars. Look at the massive debt and deficits our kids and generations to come are facing.  Do some basic math and ask yourself what is it going to take to even start paying down the debt?

Bush was bad racking up 4 trillion in 8 years!  The CBO says that by the time Obama leaves office, he will have added 10 trillion dollars of NEW debt that will be more than EVERY PRESIDENT BEFORE HIM, IN OVER 200 YEARS COMBINED!!!  Using Obama’s own words… “That’s irresponsible… That’s unpatriotic!” (His words about Bush in a pre-election speech 2008)


Yes, we are a melting pot for many ethnic and religious groups… but what did T. Roosevelt say:

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

To our Liberal counterparts, we are not ‘haters’!  That’s the label used by the Radical Left Liberals and Progressives who hate Conservatism.  We are lovers of our country and Constitution.  You will never hear us say that we love our country yet we want to “Fundamentally Transform” her.  That’s like saying…  “I love my wife but I want to Fundamentally Transform her.” Just doesn’t make sense does it? 

We are Americans who  sincerely believe in American greatness and have no wish to be like any European country… or any other country for that matter.  We love the freedom, liberty and free enterprise system that allows anyone to strive for any level of success they desire and have the best chance of archiving it.

Just because we don’t think it’s right to give free contraception to all women or believe in taking an unborn human life, doesn’t mean we hate or even dislike women. Trust me, we love our wives, our daughters, sisters, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, cousins… we love women!

Just because we say that we believe that man has very little to do with Climate Change, especially here in the United States (because have seen the propagated lies and the reports of omission and manipulation of studies, computer models), doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the planet, clean air and clean water.

It’s absurd to say that an entire group of people believe that.  Never forget we have kids and grandkids too, but refuse to accept a hoax that is designed to steal hundreds of billions in new CO2 taxes to feed the phony eco groups who in turn support only the Left.  Corruption that is so obvious it should be embarrassing to liberals.

I always want to laugh when I seeliberal rich folks jump up and down about how the oceans are going to rise by several feet because of ice melting, yet they are spending hundreds of billions developing ocean-front homes, high-rise buildings and resorts.  It seems to me that they really aren’t too concerned.

Just because we want to close our borders for the security of our country and preserve our sovereignty as a nation, as well as control the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants to our country, or hold accountable to a degree those who are here illegally, doesn’t mean that we hate Hispanics or anyone else.  We want a way to deal with the immigration situation that is fair but we also want the government to follow our laws.

We can’t stand by and let the Federal Government pick and chose which laws they will enforce and those they won’t because it fits their political agenda.  That turns us into a lawless nation.  It doesn’t work. The president ordered ICE to not deport illegals when caught. There is a law suit pending against the president for that action.

We just had over 65,000 incarcerated illegals, including murders and rapist released back into our communities by the Justice Department that is riddled with corruption.  They were all arrested, tried and convicted, yet this administration disrespects the hard work and efforts of the police, our courts and prison system and just let them go.  Not comforting knowing that 90% off violent crimes are committed by re-offenders.

We Constitutional Conservatives want what most Americans want, i.e., maximum personal freedom and liberty.  Equal opportunity for all… but no guarantees of equal results.  We want peace and harmony, but understand that there are those Islamic Radicals who hate us for no other reason than who we are, thus we may have to fight those who seek to hurt or kill us.

But mostly we want our government to serve us and our country, not the other way around.  We expect to be told the truth, not stonewalled and hide or cover-up the truth at every turn when scandals happen. Obama has said, with every major scandal since Fast and Furious that “I’m outraged and promise that we will get to the bottom of this and make those who caused the problem accountable and bring those who hurt or killed our people to justice.”

Go back and check… no one person held accountable for any of them… not one person brought to justice for Benghazi.  That’s just gross negligence and failed leadership.  Any CEO or president of any company in America would have been fired years ago. Now, a new wide-spread scandal with the VA Hospitals.  Why should we tolerate such incompetence and gross negligence from our political leaders?

So before the name calling starts again I hope you’ll understand that we, as a country are in very serious financial trouble and this time around we need fiscal conservatives, from any party, to hopefully keep us from going over the financial cliff and bring back some sanity in spending.  Yes, it will hurt for some us, but it’s better than all of us being subjected to a full collapse of our financial system. So when all the mud-slinging steps up, I hope you will focus on the candidates actual qualifications and not vote for the ‘personality’ or just because there is a D or an R behind the name.

Average American Bob


Will The GOP Will Take Control of the Senate and Keep the House?

Will The GOP Will Take Control of the Senate and Keep the House?

pelosiI think Obama knows his Democrat controlled Senate is in trouble and I can’t see any way the Democrats take back control of the house, especially knowing that Nancy Pelosi would once again become Speaker.  You know the one who gleefully said: “You’ll have to pass the bill to learn what’s in it” and “The best way to stimulate the economy is to extend the unemployment payments.”

However, with that said, we have all seen what extremes this president, administration and the Democrats, as a whole, are willing to say and do in order to win elections.  As I have said many times they have the distinct advantage of being able to reach 70% of low-informed voters on a daily basis through a very compliant Main-Street Media (MSM).  Whatever Obama says is the truth to them because they are never exposed to the outlets that call out the misinformation and lies.  His falling trust numbers and lowering approval polls do tell you some people are getting the message… but is it enough?  After all the lies that have recently been exposed with Obama Care and the new information on Benghazi, how can 38% to 40% of the people still support him?  If they do know that he is lying and don’t care… what does that tell us about the moral character of our country?

You can be assured that there will be an army of union and ACORN-type people who will be out in full force in every district and state where the Democrats think they can influence the elections.  I think you will see increased complaints on voter fraud, but as with Al Franken in MN and many other close races that all went to the Democrats; votedemocratit will be too late when they discover the dual votes, votes cast by felons and other illegal votes.  You note that it’s only the Democrats who won’t support picture IDs for voters.  Why?  Because they know there is a serious voter fraud issue in this country that greatly favors the Democrats.  Then there is the tactic of running phony Independent 3rd Party candidates that take just enough votes to make sure the GOP, Conservative candidate lose as it did in the last Virginia State Governor’s race.

I think you will see one of the most intense re-direction campaigns ever in order to distract from the failing of Obama Care and the outcry as millions are hard hit with the losing of their current policies and having to pay hundreds more per month for their new coverage. My own son would have had to pay over $6,000 more for his healthcare insurance for his family with the doubling of his deductable. He’s one of those who will pay the fine and go without insurance this year.  How ridiculous and sad is that?  He is a 43 year old man with a young family who can’t afford to buy the government mandated insurance yet still has to pay a $700 to $800 fine just because he can’t comply.

Think about that for a moment; isn’t this tyranny and the loss of freedom?  Who would have ever thought this could happen in America?  As of this writing… over 8 million people have lost their healthcare insurance and only around 4 million have signed up for Obama Care.  But here is the statistic that should bother everyone: The CBO said that the number of uninsured will not fall below 30 million people under Obama Care. Now we know many of those will be those middle-class families who have had their current insurance canceled and can’t afford Obama Care.  I guess the poorer of us are more deserving than hard-working Americans.

I haven’t even talked about the longer waiting lines for treatment, the refusal of some treatments, the loss of your doctor, hospital and some drugs. I haven’t mentioned the shrinking networks and extra cost if you need medical treatment out of your network. This horrible legislation is creating a problem that is ten times more serious than the ones it was intended to correct.  Now you see a coordinated campaign from over a half dozen of left news outlets spinning the message that there is no one being hurt by Obama Care and that it’s just a bunch of misinformation from the right.  Unbelievable!  And the lies just keep coming.

liberal-hypocrisy-politicsThe first redirection attempt will be to get everyone focused on “the inequality of income.”  This administration is the master of ‘divide and conquer’ mentality.  You will see the narrative of rich vrs. poor repeated in over and over again all the way to November. You will hear how people working at minimum wage can’t live and raise a family on the current minimum wage.  Sounds good, but when was the minimum wage ever meant to be enough to raise a family?  Most us started out with minimum wage jobs and used them as our first stepping stone to advance up the economic ladder with hard work and the gaining of experience.

The diversions will be on more than one front. You will see another main distraction using immigration reform. You will see the big slander campaigns launched by a president and his pundits who know he has nothing to lose.  Leading up to the November election you will see very ugly campaigns degrading, slandering and demeaning every Republican as racist, against Hispanics and other illegal immigrants. As they push for amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens, it will be disguised as something else using smoke and mirrors and the word ‘fair’ everywhere.  If someone breaks into your home and demands that you provide them with a job, food, medical care and that you educate their children… do you invite them to stay or have them arrested?

Low-information voters will never hear about how giving amnesty to that many people will totally overwhelm our economy and worsen even further our unemployment problem costing citizens the loss of millions of more jobs.

Another area of distraction will be giving even more extensions for the unemployed. Progressives are very good at class warfare. They will label the Republicans as totally insensitive, uncaring, horrible people who would rather worry about a few billion dollars and stand by while “families lose everything” and “kids go hungry.” Most uninformed people will never hear about the damage that is done to individuals who adjust their standard of living to live on unemployment, and are no longer willing to go out and get a job or training as they lose their pride and self-esteem. This is just the administration’s way of buying more votes.  Take from those who are working and give it to able-bodied people who just live on their unemployment and work part time under the table for the extra money they may need or want.  I’m not implying that everyone on unemployment is doing this, but it’s human nature for many to take the path of least resistance.  This administration is very willing as they know… who would vote against the hand that gives you free stuff?

The other big topic that will be used as a diversion will be climate change.  That’s the one that will use mass fear tactics to whip up the hate war against the Right, who the left claims, want dirty water, dirty air and hates all living things.  I’m going to dedicate an entire article on this, topic but for now let me say it straight… climate change is happening and it will continue to happen and we earthlings have little to do with it.  It’s all about money!  The politicians want to tax CO2 and get hundreds of millions from the environmentalist groups.  It’s that simple!  It’s one of the greatest hoaxes ever pushed on the American people. For the purposes of distraction, it’s a great topic because of the emotional aspect.

This group of Obama radicals have no respect for the truth and have absolutely or moral compass.  It will be very ugly as we will see our country divided even more than it is now.  But for Mr. Obama and the Progressives… The end justifies the means.

These radical liberals know how to play the game of offering anything to anyone, in order to buy their votes. They count on the selfishness of the “takers” who are way above the “truly needy” level. They will take all they can get from the Democrats, and show their appreciation by supporting them at the polls with no concern or caring that their free stuff is not really coming from the government, but instead out of the pockets of their fellow hard working Americans.  Once again the MSM will not inform these people of the facts of the damage and danger the radical spending is doing to the country as a whole. They won’t point out to these under-informed voters that the reason why 20.3 million people are still unemployed, is because of Obama’s polices and regulations that have all but choked off and killed private sector job growth. (Note: 10.6 million unemployed is the ‘official’ number reported by the government.  The ‘actual’ number is 20.3 million per the government )

They will never learn that Obama is all about helping the top 1%.  They won’t be told that it’s actually Wall-Street, the big banks and the biggest of businesses are all doing very well under Obama’s policies and regulations. They will never learn that over 93% of the recovery money since 2009 has gone to the top 1% under Obama.  (Don’t believe it?  Just Google or Bing “93% of recovery wealth go to the top 1%”)  They will not be told that it’s actually the middle class that is getting decimated, driving more and more of them below the poverty line.  Even those who are holding on to their middle class status have watched their income drop by over $5,000 a year since 2008 under Obama while prices for almost everything keep going up.  Most will see a drop of hundreds of dollars more per month in take-home pay just because of Obama Care crushing many more middle-class families.  What you will continue to see is the greatest wealth redistribution in our history.  Not from the wealth to the truly needy… but from the middle-class to those who simply have less.

My head tells me that we should see in November a stronger mandate than we saw in 2010, but my gut says watch out… these anti-Capitalist radicals have some very unsavory things up their sleeves.  It’s hard to beat those who are willing to lie, cheat and steal and a compliant MSM that won’t expose them.  You can stop this madness with your vote for Constitutional Conservatives next November.  I pray that every Constitution-loving Patriot will get to the polls and vote.

Average American Bob




Public Unions Are Hurting America

Public Unions Are Hurting America –

Here is the reason why somehow, some way, public worker unions must be made illegal.  The unions are committing extortion with a simple message, “Give our workers what we demand or we withhold our public services from you!”  In other words, they ‘shut down’ their part of the government if we don’t comply.  Isn’t that what the GOP was blasted for last year?  Do you think there just may be a little hypocrisy here?taxpayers

While private sector middle class and lower-class workers see their pay decrease, the public union workers demand they get raises.  In this case, because of Obama Care, we are seeing tens of millions of private sector worker’s take home pay go down because of the increasing healthcare cost. My wife ended up paying $182 a month for her new policy up from $62.00 and that doesn’t even take into account the fact that her new deductible is $3,000 up from $1,200.

Do you think the public government workers are willing to accept that change?  No Sir!

They are not going to sacrifice. Here in WA State the King County school bus drivers don’t want to pay for their health insurance at all. They want it paid by the tax payers.  The union has threatened a strike to get their way.  Think about this ‘in-your-face’ demand, “You tax payers either pay for our healthcare insurance or we won’t take your kids to school!”  Where in the name of fairness and common decency does this make sense? If that’s not extortion what is?


Scott Walker of WI stood up to these public union thugs and turned a multi-billion dollar deficit into a multi-million dollar surplus in just a couple of years.

Just the basic concept of forced unionization in the public sector is wrong… If you apply the concept of forced membership to any other organization it would be illegal.  Why not here?

feed me unions

They work for the tax payers, it’s morally (and should be legally) wrong for them to have the ability to withhold any public service to get whatever they want.  At the federal level it’s come to the point where those who are suppose to serve the people are making almost twice as much as those they serve.  They also have better medical and early retirement (as much as 15 years) with more monthly retirement income to boot.

Are your aware that over 40% of all union workers vote Republican, yet over 92% of the union donations go to the Democrats!

Corporations and their employees also tend to spread their donations fairly evenly between the two major parties, unlike unions, which overwhelmingly assist Democrats. In 2008, Democrats received 55% of the $2 billion contributed by corporate PACs and company employees, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Labor unions were responsible for $75 million in political donations, with 92% going to Democrats.

(Here is the source for the entire article)


In a free society this is deplorable and unacceptable.  Everyone just saw workers at a TN Volkswagen plan reject unionization even with the company supporting it.  Within their announced rejection, they stated that they don’t want to end up like Detroit because of having a union representing them.  They would rather represent themselves. Finally, something that sounds right for a free society.

Unions may have had their time of need in past years… but not today.  With modern human resource laws and safety regulations, they simply are not needed.  And with the evidence so blatantly obvious in GM’s case, as well as the many cities that are going bankrupt, it’s the ridiculous, over the top, demands of unions that have made so many companies non-competitive, causing them to go bankrupt like GM.  The early retirement, life-long medical cost, along with crushing multi-billion dollar pension funds are helping to destroy our city’s economies, because it’s always the workers in the private sector who are forced to pay for it all.  I’m writing my elected officials asking them to make public unions illegal… you should do the same.

Average American Bob



Learn… Or Be Manipulated

You would think that after six years, more people would wise up to how the Progressives use communication tricks to crush their opponents, in some cases making them look very stupid, while they deceive and manipulate those who follow them.  Let me give you a very simple example.  war on women2

During the contraception discussions, did you noticed that a new term was launched and is still being used currently, i.e., “War on Women!”  When this happens, it becomes a coordinated effort to get out a blanket message that will disparage everyone and anyone who opposes their point of view.

In other words, if you disagree with having to pay for a women’s contraceptive products, you are labeled as someone who wants to restrict a women’s access to those products – which is obviously not true.  But the greater damage is done by labeling you as someone who hates women, and is participating with everyone else who opposes paying for the products in what is now called a War on Women.  Repeat this over and over and one would think that everyone who is conservative hates women.  Not even close to being the truth.  It’s a propaganda trick.

war on womenLet’s look at abortion.  It’s obvious that per the Supreme Court, abortion under certain circumstances is legal since Roe VS Wade.  But it’s also a law that Government funds are not supposed to be used to fund abortions.  However, since Obama Care, we are seeing that government funds are indeed, through the mandates to insurance companies, paying for abortions.  When those of faith stand up and say they don’t want their taxes to go for the funding of abortions either directly or indirectly, they are immediately labeled as radicals who are depriving women of their right to choose and are part of this ‘War on Women.’ This is very ugly and very dirty politics.

This tactic has been used over and over again ever since we were introduced to it by Mr. Obama and his team of radical social engineers.  You will find the source of this tactic in the book, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinskey.  If you oppose spending billions on solar and wind energy by subsidizing companies, of which a high percentage are going bankrupt like Solyndra, you are never allowed to be seen as thoughtful or caring about our tax dollars. Instead, you are labeled as one of those who want dirty air and water.  If you oppose the spending of hundreds of millions on a federal evening school meal program that should be handled, if needed, by the states, ‘you don’t care about kids.’

As Obama is building its dependency class of Americans, you will notice that he and his pundits will always point out the one person who is helped, as they tug on your emotional heart-strings, while never letting you hear about the fifty people who are financially crushed by the cost. Let’s look at one example you may be missing.

I have shown you clearly that the unemployment number being reported by the Government is bogus, as it does not take into account the millions of Americans who have had their unemployment expire and they have given up looking for work.  As a reminder here is the site that gives you the accurate and true figures.

Look to the right column and see the number of people who are “actually” unemployed.  Twice that of the ‘reported’ number or about 20 million people.  That translates into a true unemployment figure of over 14%.  Many of those people are in their late 40s to late 50s and have lost their health insurance with their jobs.

So now you are hearing from the administration how these people are being helped by Obama Care.  However, without a job they can’t afford Obama care policies. So, even if they are given a 100% subsidy, while they may have healthcare insurance, most will not be able to pay the high deductibles or co-pays. They may have health insurance, but not the means to medical services.  However, the ‘talking points’ won’t mention that.  They will just tout how thousands of people, who didn’t have health insurance, now do so because of the wonderful program we call Obama Care.  Notice as they give you the number of people who have received health insurance through Obama Care (most of those numbers are greatly exaggerated), they don’t mention the five times that number who have lost their healthcare insurance.

What you will never hear is that millions of working people will pay hundreds of dollars more each month for their health insurance, just in order to pay for those who are not working.  My son is a victim of this merry-go-round.  He saw his insurance go from $350.00 a month to over $900 a month and his deductable go from $3,000 to $6,000.  Even though he makes good money as a middle class tech professional, he’s going without insurance this year but still will pay a fine, sorry, “tax” of over $900. who is exempt from obama care

Obama and his followers don’t seem to care about people like my son or the millions like him.  Voice your opposition to this practice and you are labeled as one who either hates people who are ‘down on their luck,’ or that you are just an insensitive horrible person. You will never hear about how the cost of Obama Care is soaring and how they are not getting the balance of healthier, younger people to sign up and pay the huge over-cost premiums to off-set the subsidies.  They keep pouring on the talking points every day so you don’t think about the damage and politics behind postponing the company mandates.

You only have to ask the right questions to get the truth.  If Obama Care is so good… why did so many Obama supporters apply for, and get exemptions?!!  If it’s so good, why has Obama had to postpone many of the core policies of the law?  Could it be because they don’t want it to become public yet how many more tens of millions of Americans will be hurt by the law until after the next election? If Obama Care is so good, why do you have to be forced to buy it?

You On The Receiving End Are Suckers Who Are Being Used! –

That’s correct!  You may think this is good for you and in response adore the Obama policies and him personally because you think he cares so much about you.  Sorry, but you would be very wrong!  You are just the lucky recipient NOW… the few who are getting the subsidies right now.

Never forget, what the government gives you now, it can take away at any time.  How long before another group of people will be more important to advance their agenda than you?  How long before you will start to see your ‘free stuff’ go away.  Need proof?  Look at seniors.  Obama took over 700 billion from Medicare to fund the first two years of Obama Care.  What do you see happening to seniors?  We are seeing our doctors leave practice or refusing to accept Medicare because their reimbursements are being cut so drastically. My own doctor is calling it quits this year; he’s done with the hassle.  We are seeing our hospitals pulling out of Medicare networks.  It’s rumored that we will lose our Advantage programs next year.  Understand that this is the group, that through AARP, were catered to and given so many great low-cost programs to get their support.  Now they are being thrown under the bus.

raise taxesUnderstand something: as this group of Socialist and Marxist continues their attempt to expand the power of the executive branch, and test the limits of how much they can dictate by changing and/or ignoring passed laws, along with writing regulation through executive orders, the administration is paying very little of the cost for any of their programs, as evidenced by the amount of debt that they are racking up.  Who’s going to pay back all that debt?  Our kids, grandkids and even our great-grandkids?

So where does this all lead?  Through the manipulation… a divided nation.  Racially, economically, gender, and even generationally.  What is the reality of our increasing debt?

To understand the big picture let’s bring it back down to a personal example:

You decide you want to be president of your local Home Owners Association.  To get support, you change the spending habits of the HOA.  You increase spending until you are spending over 106% of the annual income, giving some members free stuff.

You offer those who are having a problem paying their mortgage a subsidy to help them out.  You borrow the money.  You give to those who can’t afford it, enough money to fully landscape their front yards and put a fresh coat of paint on their homes.  You borrow the money.  You step up the spending by giving all the kids in the neighborhood new bikes and scooters and for those neighbors who don’t have one… a second car.  You borrow the money.

Everyone thinks you are just a great guy and everyone in surrounding neighborhoods are so envious of how wonderful the appearance of your neighborhood is and all the extras your home-owners have.  But then a few years into your presidency, you discover that you can’t borrow any more money… you are cut off.  So you raise the dues by 100%, 200% even 300% on those who are working and have good jobs.  But you find that many can’t afford that and move from the neighborhood, leaving their homes empty. As a result, the debt grows even more rapidly from lost dues income.  One day you realize that you can no longer pay your debts and finally go bankrupt, at which point everyone loses everything.  Debt enslaves us all, and in the end if you can’t pay that debt, you lose everything you ever worked for.

Can’t happen in America?  Think again.  Mathematics don’t lie.  You can take my example and apply it to your own life, any company, any organization and it all works the same way.  Keep spending until you can’t afford to pay your lender back, and you go bankrupt. How many cities in our great nation have already gone bankrupt?  How long before a state goes bankrupt?

Do you remember the famous lines from Titanic?  “She’s unsinkable.” Then after she hit the iceberg her builder, after assessing the damage, said: “She has five compartments taking on water.  Each will fill; flow over to the next until she sinks.”  One of the other men said: “She can’t sink! She’s unsinkable”.   The response was absolute:  “She’s made of iron, Sir, and in a little over two hours all this will be at the bottom of the Atlantic… It’s a mathematical certainty.”

Use your common sense, don’t be manipulated by carefully designed propaganda and social engineering manipulation tactics. Stand up and let your elected officials know where you stand. And in November, do the only thing that can save our great Republic.  Get rid of every irresponsible, self-serving person who voted for Obama Care, Card Check and Cap and Trade and replace them with fiscal conservatives from any party who will care enough to save us first financially.

The rest has to wait, as nothing is more important than getting our country’s financial house in order.   It may mean walking back all the radical ecological policies for a while and exploit our energy sources to provide millions of new jobs. Build the Keystone Pipe-line, expand oil and natural gas drilling on federal lands.

It may mean stopping all the energy subsidies. It may mean not exporting any oil or refined gasoline until the cost of OUR gasoline at the pumps is below $2.00 a gallon.  It may mean sacrificing a few fish in the CA northern valleys while we start producing an abundance of food to bring down food prices.

It may mean lowering taxes for both companies and individuals, so that companies will have the incentive to grow and hire, and for individuals to start businesses and put more spendable dollars in the pockets of average Americans.  And yes, it may mean that some of you who are receivers may need to do everything and anything you can to get off the dole and back to work being productive.  If we don’t… if you don’t… we will all lose in the end and our kids and grandkids will not have the opportunity to realize their dreams in a healthy capitalistic free-enterprise system.

I welcome your comments.

Average American Bob

What Kind Of America Do You Want to Live In?

What Kind Of America Do You Want to Live In?
by Average American Bob  

We are at the cross-roads my fellow Americans. Over the last two decades the battle between Liberalism and Conservatism has escalated into a full-fledged, no holds barred fight for power and control. And make no mistake; both major parties have core values and broad plans to gain and/or retain power. The major difference is that socialism-gunpointLiberals/Progressives use their power to control the masses by increasing the size of government with growing an ever-increasing number of people who are dependent on government, who will most always vote for those who will promise to continue the dependency programs.

The Conservatives also have core values and a plan to retain power but do not have an agenda to ‘control’ the populist.  They want to start returning to the idea of maximum personal freedom, liberty and choices. They want everyone to have equal opportunity, so that every citizen can live their life the way they want and pursue their idea ‘happiness,’ as stated in the Declaration of Independence. They believe in the Constitution, as written by our founders, as the governing laws of our great Republic.

It demands that in exchange for a level of personal freedom, not found in any other country in the world.  It asks that we be self-reliant, do our best to provide for ourselves and demonstrate personal responsibility by making good decisions, working hard and climb the ladder of success to whatever economic level you desire or your ambition, talent and skill will allow. This is provided through equal opportunity with no guarantee of equal results.

We have a civic obligation to provide for ourselves and families, obey our laws and contribute to our society through taxes for our police, fire fighters, military and care of common use parks, streets, buildings, etc. Nowhere in our great Constitution does it allow the government to take money, in the form of taxes or fees, and give it to someone else because they, the government have determined that the recipient is somehow more deserving of that money.

This is not about Democrats and Republicans anymore. This is about far-left Liberals/Progressives who believe that the government should have the power to force people to pay for the livelihood of those who have less, while taking a good percentage for themselves, as all social programs need more and more government for administration, oversight and forced compliance. In order for the Liberals/Progressives to be successful, they need two groups of people:

1) those who work hard, take risk, sacrifice, strive for success and fulfill their idea of the American Dream by earning achieving much more than the Average person, and

2) They also need another group… those who can’t or won’t.

For anyone who has read the Decoration of Independence and the United States Constitution, you already know which political ideology those great documents were written to support and which ideology it was written to protect you from.

You would think that, during a child’s journey through their K-12 education, teachers would engrain in students an accurate understanding of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its Amendments. If they did, we would not be at the cross-roads we are today. But the truth is that within human beings there are and always will be those who are filled hate, greed, envy and those who desire power who are willing to exploit those people for their own gain.


The Story of Three Americans, Tom, Robert and Harry –   

All lived in the same area, went to the same schools, all came from lower income, poorer families.  Tom paid attention in school, studied hard and got good grades. With the help of scholarships from colleges, civic clubs and other sources, he went to a two-year college, then transferred to a four-year University and got his degree in business. He worked part-time to help pay his education cost.  After graduation he was offered a job at a major corporation and worked his way up to middle management and a six-digit income. He got married, had two kids, bought a home and for him… was living the American Dream.  He didn’t live above his means; he saved his entire life for retirement and finally did retire in a home that was paid for and close to his children and grandchildren.

Robert was a bit of a ‘goof-ball.’  Didn’t pay attention in class and subsequently got Cs even a couple of Ds… except during football season where he maintained straight “A’s” while he was on the team.  During his junior year of high school his mother got very sick and felt, because his dad didn’t make very much, that he needed to help. Yes they had a very small house, his dad never paid more than $300.00 for any car he bought and most of his clothes were hand-downs from his cousin. But they were a very happy family.  When they did go out to dinner, which might be once a month, it was a real treat. They didn’t take vacations, but they took weekend camping trips once and a while, and he and his dad enjoyed fishing off the local piers.  So when the bills were mounting up Robert decided to quite high school and go to work to help out. He took a minimum wage job at a local newspaper as a ‘fly-boy,’ the one who used to take the bundles of newspapers off the end of the press.

A year later he joined the military where he was offered the opportunity to get his GED high school equivalency. He learned discipline, team-work and leadership skills. Robert also learned that with hard work and doing his job better than others he would be promoted ahead of other soldiers.  He earned the rank of E-5 Sergeant in just 30 months, for which he good great pride.

As much as he liked military life he decided to go back to being a civilian. But with little work history and the economy not doing so well, he ended up taking a job at a gas station, but always keeping eyes and ears open for the opportunity of a better paying job.  Six months later he found an opening at an oil refinery where he got enough of a raise in income he could afford a new car, get married and have his first child.  Two years later he found a job delivering bottled water where he learned to ‘sell.’

The increase in pay allowed him to buy their first new home.  Three years later he got his big break being hired by the phone company to sell advertising.  He did well, worked his way into management and after 7 years had the confidence to go out on his own and build a personal business in professional speaking and business training which gave him a very good six-digit income that was even more than Tom earned.  But Robert had to sacrifice much more.  When he started his business he worked many days late into the night.  As his business grew, his career choice meant that he had to travel extensively taking him away from his family for up to 40% during a typical year.  With other decisions he made concerning spending and investing, he too retired near his kids and grandkids but his home was not paid for and with a down-turn in the market he decided to keep working a couple of months a year to maintain his life style.

Neither Tom nor Robert ever expected or took any government assistance or anything from anyone.  It was THEIR responsibility to make their own choices and live their lives the way the chose.  It’s obvious that while Robert and Tom made very different decisions in their lives, they both reached their goals.Robert had a higher lifestyle during his working years, but at great personal sacrifice. And because he didn’t plan as well as Tom and made poor investment choices, he ended up with a lower lifestyle for retirement.  Both had the same opportunities and the results were because of free choices.  That’s living the American Dream for both men.

Then there was Harry.  Harry didn’t like school so he seldom did homework, opting to go play whatever sport of the season with his buddies at the park. He started getting into trouble in his early teens, nothing too serious.  He dropped out of high school and took a job in an auto mechanics shop.  He hated getting up every morning and was often late. As a result, he was fired within13-15 months.  He applied for and got unemployment.  Was only about half of what he was getting but he could live on it.  He stayed with friends, ate junk food… but he didn’t have to get up every day to go work.

As his unemployment was coming to an end, he started to think about where he could get a job. But then the Government extended his unemployment and he was pleased that he would not have to go through the work search yet.  He then learned he could get food stamps and housing assistance (he laughed many times when he thought about getting money for so long without working).  So when the unemployment finally stopped after almost two years  he started doing jobs under the table.

He got his girlfriend pregnant and when the baby was born she started getting all kinds of assistance from local and the federal governments.  His girlfriend was also able-bodied but she didn’t want to work either. Her new baby provided a convenient excuse not to work, and the government gave her the means in the form of welfare not to work.

lazymanHarry found that there were many women who wanted to have babies so they could collect government money. Some even agreed to give him some of the money they got for the babies he fathered.  Of course none of the women would tell anyone that he was the father, so he never was forced to pay child support. He most certainly was not going to admit anything. The government was giving out the money like a winning slot machine.

The fun part was that he heard politicians who told the world that people like him and his girlfriends never had a chance, they didn’t have the same opportunities, that he was a victim of the system and that he should hate those who were rich and making six-digit incomes.  The government was up to over thirty programs where he could get money or assistance.

And you can be sure that he voted for every politician who promised him more and more free money and other stuff like cell phones. He would vote against any politician that stated that he should be self-reliant and exercise personal responsibility and go to work every day.  Why?  His government funded life-style lets him live as good as many who were working. If he took a minimum wage job he would take a cut in pay.

Harry knew that even though his money and assistance came from the government it was really coming from his fellow Americans who strived to be successful and he simply didn’t care. Life was good… he didn’t have to get up and go work… he just hung out with his buddies and visited his girlfriends. He even had enough money that he could go to the movies, buy beer, cigarettes and even a few drugs here and there. He even had a big flat-screen TV to watch sports and movies. Some of his friends on welfare even took nice vacations.


Every once in a while he would wonder why all those hard-working people would make such a commitment to being successful when the government was stealing so much of their hard-earned income to give to people like him. What suckers! At times he would feel ashamed.  His sense of self-worth was little but, “whatever!”  The only positive he could muster was that he was giving those rich people, who felt guilty about people like him, a sense of superiority and he, in this strange way, could stroke their morality and help them feel good about themselves. 

The Methods and Techniques of Social Engineering and Propaganda Used to Advance a Socialistic/Marxist Agenda 

Make no mistake, the Liberals/Progressives have been introducing socialist programs for over a hundred years. Social Security, Medicare, the Senior Drug Program and most recently the Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as “Obama Care.”

Government-run programs have a history of going broke. The end result is they constantly have to be modified, and TJ.governmentin turn, require government to take more from hard working Americans and payout less to program recipients. But it’s the methodology that is used to slowly and methodically introduce these programs and grow the power of a centralized government that can and will take more and more of your freedom and liberty away in the names of ‘Fairness’ and ‘Equality’.  You will hear phrases such as, “It’s the right thing to do” – “we have a moral obligation” or “for the greater good.”  Think about that for a moment.  Who’s ‘right thing to do’?  Who’s morality?  What greater good?  When did we the people or the Constitution give the power to the federal government to decide morality for all of us?

In a free society there will always be those who are rich, those who are poor and those in the middle. When did being poor become something unacceptable?  I, and many others who have come from poor homes, have been able to use our ambition, desire to have more, and the willingness to work hard in order to move up the economic ladder. Yes, it takes sometimes many years, but that’s the price of success.

You probably already guessed that Robert’s story above is very close to my own.  There is a distinct difference between “the truly needy” and poor people.  And the only motivation of the left to take from the middle class to give the working poor, is to buy votes without caring if they kill ambition, take away pride and a person’s sense of worth.

As the battle continues, understand this, conservatives are as compassionate and charitable as some liberals and, according to polls, more than most.


It’s the motivation that has to be examined –

We all understand that we have to help the truly needy, those who CAN’T or are UNABLE to help themselves with the basic needs of housing, clothes, food, clean water and healthcare.  In those cases there are thousands of private resources, churches and organizations that do the most effective jobs at helping those people. If our Government wants to help those truly needy people, give more to those organizations in the form of grants.  As far as helping the poor… stop giving them free stuff and money.

I’m all for training programs and child-care assistance that help people get back into the work force where they can be productive, tax-paying citizens (doesn’t matter how little), where they can recapture their sense of self-worth, pride and the pride of accomplishment. That’s what the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 accomplished as it offered the training and work requirements that got people off the welfare roles in three years.  So why did Obama strip that Act of the key requirements in favor of more money and no requirements in the first so-called ‘Stimulus’ program? (Here is a three-minute video that verifies this statement)

So does this far-left Liberal President really want to help the truly needy and poor?  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say yes… but only as a second thought.  Every decision this administration makes is first political.  It has been his strategy from January of 2009 to get as many people as possible dependent on government.  The ultimate goal is to have more recipients than providers.  I’ll use my same analogy that I always use in explaining this phenomenon: If you take from Peter and give to Paul… you will always have the support of Paul.  If you can get to point where you have more Pauls than Peters… you have bought enough votes to stay in power forever because all those Pauls will never vote to receive less.

That’s why we are at the crossroads. This administration has been successful in giving those “who have less,” more than any other administration before them. They have not given a second thought as to the cost.  Just spend, spend and spend some more.  Don’t worry about passing regulation and the healthcare act which kills jobs… because that just drives more people into dependency. This president has done nothing to promote job growth and won’t.  His constant statements about being for the middle class are lies.

After Fast and Furious, the IRS and NSA scandals and the most obvious, Benghazi, you now know that Mr. Obama is willing to lie to you and anyone to advance his agenda. Did he not promise that those making under $250,000 would not pay one more dime in taxes?  Well with Obama Care we are all paying for dozens of new taxes imbedded within the law.  And that’s just what is within the new law.  Many other tax hikes have been imposed on business through new regulations.

If you have any doubts that you are being lied to, then just look at all the lies that were spewed by Mr. Obama and his pundits’ daily leading up to the passage of the ACA.  You could keep your healthcare plan, your doctor or healthcare facility being the biggest ones.

All you have to do is use your common sense to understand that everything the progressives do is to advance an agenda that requires a larger government that has the power to control the populist… not serve them.  The conservatives want a government that is small and serves the people within the confines of the Constitution, giving maximum freedom to the individual.

Don’t ever believe that conservatives don’t want equal opportunity – we do!  We just don’t believe in taking money from those who work so hard to be successful to guarantee equal results.

Your choice is simple. Do you want a government so big and powerful that can dictate to you how much of your hard-earned money you will keep and how you will live your life?  Or, do you want a government that is subservient to the people, and allows you maximum freedom by letting you strive to whatever success is for you, and allow you to keep more of your own money and live your life the way you want?

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Average American Bob






wrong wayAs we start a new year we constitutional conservatives need to begin thinking about this year’s election cycle. As critical as the last three cycles were – and after experiencing the results of just 5 years of radical liberalism, (some would say Socialism/Marxism) as well as reckless and dangerous spending, we need to focus. We need a plan to stop the madness and get the country going in the right direction. Amid the confusion one thing puts it into perspective: almost 2/3rds or 64% of Americans think we are going in the wrong direction. Only 29% of Americans think we are going in the right direction. 1

 THE BLOOM IS OFF THE ROSE – Many who thought Obama would be a catalyst for ‘hope and change,’  run a transparent administration and get rid of lobbyists, all while acting as the great ‘unifier’ of America and the world, are discovering he’s just another slick-talking politician, a far-left progressive, willing to say and do anything to advance his agenda. His scheme for wealth redistribution and implementation of other radical-left policies are destroying free market capitalism. After five years we need to face the reality of 7 trillion dollars in new debt and an economy on life-support, being infused with over 85 billion a month in freshly printed Federal Reserve dollars to keep the banks and Wall Street afloat. We need to look at actual unemployment numbers, well over 13% and much higher for young people and minorities where unemployment runs 25% and higher.  2

After five years of failed stimulus programs and policies, we have more people living in government defined poverty than at any time in our history. Food stamp recipients have increased a whopping 47% and we’ve seen huge increases in SS disability recipients. Currently, the number of able bodied Americans in the work force is at its lowest in 40 years. And now Obama Care threatens to destroy our entire healthcare system. Millions of Americans are being forced to pay for health insurance (not necessarily better access to quality medical care) for those who already have access to medical care through free clinics and public health programs. We need healthcare reform to address the problems of providing medical treatment for the truly needy, those with preexisting conditions and those who lose their insurance after becoming sick. Obama and his progressive administration would not even consider the many ideas submitted by conservatives. Senate majority leader Harry Reid refused to allow even one of the House proposals to be brought to the Senate floor.

This takeover of the healthcare industry (and quietly the healthcare insurance industry as well) is not about providing affordable healthcare insurance or improving the quality of care we receive.  It is the dream – the Holy Grail of the progressive movement – to take control of roughly 7% of the U.S. economy and everything the healthcare industry touches. Obama Care will be enthusiastically embraced by millions of Americans who will have 100% of their healthcare insurance and/or medical care paid for by tens of millions of their fellow Americans; charging them not only for their own healthcare insurance but an additional premium to cover the expense of those declared exempt. This amounts to forced charity with the federal government acting as a bloated, corrupt middle man, paid to administrate this monstrosity.

Along with many other irresponsible entitlement programs, this new law is running us into national financial ruin. Starting now, we need to support fiscally conservative candidates; Candidates with the courage of their convictions who, once elected will stand with the American majority and begin correcting the policies that have stunted private sector growth.

NEVER FORGET THOSE WHO DEMONSTRATE CONTEMPT AND DISREGARD FOR THE WISHES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – By now, most people understand that AHA was passed using despicable tactics – lies, kick-backs, back-room deals and reconciliation procedure rather than a straight up vote in the Senate. The bill was passed with a 100% partisan vote, not a single republican/conservative voted for it, while the democrats who voted to pass it did so without reading it; a blatant demonstration of gross incompetence and negligence. Keep in mind, none of the people who voted to pass this healthcare bill are subject to its requirements – they have their own, special, better, exclusive, health insurance plan paid for compliments of the taxpayers. None of the representatives, who voted to pass this bill, deserves to be reelected… not one of them!


Don’t be influenced by the House and Senate Democrats who voted for Obama Care. Through the compliant media we hear – coincidentally, just before they’re up for re-election – these people suddenly see the error of their ways. They frequently speak out against the law to distance themselves from a declining administration, knowing their reelection is in jeopardy. Don’t get sucked in! Don’t let them off the hook! Replace all of them! Click on the link below to see a list of both House and Senate Democrats who voted for the bill – and those who didn’t. With their vote they have said loud and clear, “We know better than you what you need and we will force you to accept it or we will tax you into submission.”

If we continue to elect radical and/or incompetent representatives willing to vote against the will of the people, we will never win our freedom and liberty back. Keep in mind, not once since its introduction has Obama Care ever had approval by the majority of the American people.

Look for candidates with fiscally conservative records. They are everywhere – in the republican and democratic parties as well as independents and libertarians. Fiscally responsible candidates may not place social and foreign policy considerations at the top of their list, but creating jobs, slowing and reversing spending and reestablishing our financial stability are far more important to our future. If we don’t get our finical house in order we will all suffer in ways we don’t even want to consider. We must stop taking from the middle class to support an ever-growing dependent class.

And to you, recipients…understand, the government doesn’t give you anything. The government has no money except what it collects in taxes. They cannot give anything unless they first take money away from tax-paying americans, restricting their choices and their freedom. Most of us don’t begrudge taking care of the truly needy but our constitution is supposed to protect us from a government that thinks they have the right to take from one person and give to another just because ‘THEY’ decide they’re more deserving.  Nowhere in our great constitution does it say that one person or group of people is responsible for the livelihood of another.

In an age of instant access to information there’s no excuse for ignorance. We must be diligent, do our homework and share accurate information.

It’s been said before, but I sincerely believe the November 2014 election will become the most important in 50 years.

Average American Bob




The ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’ is a means to an end

by Average American Bob


understanding AHAWhether you are an Obama supporter or not (and it’s beyond me why anyone would continue supporting a now exposed habitual liar and gross hypocrite), we need to be very concerned about the continued changes made to the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) on the fly, by Obama. I hope everyone understands the precedent that is being set. Do we really want this, or any president, to have the power to change legislation passed by congress, as he or she sees fit?  It’s bad enough that with Judge Roberts and the Supreme Court decision, the Federal Government now has the right to force anyone they decide, to buy a product from a private or publicly own company; and if they don’t, punish them by taxing them any amount they decide? Allowing the President the power to alter, change, delete or add to legislation passed by congress sets a dangerous precedent. Bypassing congress is such a departure from our legislative process it becomes form of dictatorship. In effect, the President is saying, “I’m not getting what I want or expect from congress so I’ll just change the legislation they approved as I see fit”. 

Government control of private enterprise is the other part of this equation being swept under the rug. In addition to dictating exactly how their product must be designed or service rendered, the insurance companies are no longer real insurance companies… they are not free to establish rates according to various risk as everyone with any condition must be accepted and covered.  They are nothing more than the money collection agencies. This intrusion, into other industries such as the financial and energy industries are good examples.  Regulation, taxes, fines and corporate welfare programs that favor some businesses while penalizing others, make it nearly impossible for economic growth and expansion, i.e., job creation. Isn’t this a form of Marxism? This appears to be a back door first step to that end.

Let’s step back and look at the big picture of the AHA legislation. The President (and many others on the left) in selling the American people on this healthcare monstrosity mislead the American people by stating gross lies about what the Affordable Healthcare Act really contained. They used devious, unethical (if not illegal kick-backs and special favors to get votes) methods, (reconciliation, not a straight up vote) of any major piece of legislation with no bipartisan votes. Those who voted for it didn’t have time to read it, so they passed over 2,400 pages of legislation without knowing what it was they were voting on. Harry Reid pushed for an immediate vote and Nancy Pelosi made the absurd statement that, “We will have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”… Much more than absurd, her comment was arrogant, irresponsible and negligent. Because Congress did not uphold its basic responsibility to understand exactly what they were voting on, we are stuck with a disastrous law that will crush the entire American healthcare industry and is… and will continue to impose severe financial hardship on tens of millions of Americans.

Someone knew what was in the bill. Even before it was passed, Obama was besieged with requests for exemptions. He responded by giving his friends, supporters, unions, congressional members and others exemptions from the law. If the law is so good why are so many requesting exemptions from it?  If congress is passing legislation with the best interests of the American citizenry at heart, shouldn’t congress be willing to live under the laws that they pass? Of course they don’t want it we are learning more every day about the much higher premiums, deductibles which in many cases are doubling and tripling. We are learning that we can’t keep our doctors and your clinic or hospital of choice may not be a part of your new shrinking ‘network’ unless you are willing to pay even more. It is a gross abuse of power to impose a major costly, change to the health insurance of tens of millions of Americans while they, the ‘powers to be’ exempt themselves. With this precedent in place, what other bills will they pass to advance their agenda while exempting themselves?

This legislation was never about giving America better, cheaper healthcare. It’s all about redistribution of wealth. Remember, over 80% of all Americans liked their healthcare and insurance before Obama Care and those who didn’t have insurance still had access to healthcare via public clinics and emergency rooms. Everyone in America had access to healthcare before Obama Care and while some reforms may have been needed, most Americans never approved Obama Care or this kind of change. Look it up…every major poll showed that a majority of Americans disapproved of the legislation… never did over 50% approve of it. Here is where the polls were in November:

Just before Christmas the approval rating for Obama Care sank to 35%

Since the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, Obama has given even more exemptions to individuals, unions, congressional aides and staffers who have put pressure on him, i.e. the Teamsters Union. They also buried a clause in the massive bill which eliminated the grandfather clause which allowed massive numbers of people to keep their current insurance, thus forcing them into Obama care.  How about all the deadline changes other eleventh hour tweaks making it almost impossible for the insurance companies and millions of Americans to comply? Today, as I write this, more deadlines were changed, along with allowing yet more groups further extensions of their deadlines.  President Obama even back-tracked and announced that some people who lost their insurance can once again buy one of those “junk” catastrophic insurance policies for one year.

All this is going to get even worse in January, when 80 to 90 million more people insured through their employers find out how much more they will be paying for insurance. With the astronomical increases in premiums and deductibles, the vast majority of us have no reasonable expectation of seeing any return on our insurance investment. We have personal experience… my wife’s rate for her 2014 policy is going up 43% and here deductible has doubled and the co-pays have soared. Quite frankly, we liked her inferior policy. It had decent coverage for a reasonable premium, deductable and co-pay.  But most important… we had CHOICES!

And let’s take a look at another lie being stated by Mr. Obama and the leftists. “The GOP only wants to repeal Obama Care… where are their ideas, where is their better plan?”  Look it up folks… the GOP and conservatives in the House have passed over a dozen individual pieces of healthcare reform legislation, each addressing concerns such as access to healthcare for those who don’t have insurance, those with pre-existing conditions as well as stopping the practice of being dropped if you get sick.  And they are the ONLY ones who submitted ideas to actually bring down the cost of healthcare insurance with comprehensive tort reform and allowing healthcare insurance providers to sell across state lines, which would allow those companies to greatly reduce their risk factors by expanding their insurance pools.  Yet, Harry Reid refused to bring even one of those bills to the Senate floor for a vote.  He made sure there was no competing legislation to the AHA. Ironically, he accuses the GOP of being the party of NO.  The reason that the GOP doesn’t have a ‘big’ alternative plan to Obama Care, is because they don’t want or need to completely take over the healthcare or healthcare insurance industries to solve the major problems.

If you’re sitting on the sidelines saying, “That’s just the way it is” or “It will all work out and be okay,”  please reconsider.

Benjamin Franklin
“Any society that would give a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

That statement is true today as it was 135 years ago. This is your FREEDOM and LIBERTY you are giving away. Think of how helpless you feel knowing the government will punish you if you don’t comply with what they want you to buy, regardless of how much more you have to pay or how inferior the product or service is. And this is just the beginning. What will they do to our kids and grandkids in future years?

We have the greatest document in the world, a Constitution that was written to protect our individual freedom and liberty.  I urge you to fight for it!  Don’t let power-hungry individuals or groups take it from you and make no mistake… that’s exactly what this is about… power, control and the gain of wealth for those who are successful at taking that power. Some may be able to disguise their intent with misdirection and deception, hidden in carefully chosen words, spoken so ‘elegantly;’ but don’t be fooled… we can’t merely listen to what they say… we must look at what they have done, what they are doing and they want to do.  It’s in their actions, not their words we find the truth.

Average American Bob


Average American BobBob

Introduction –

My name is Bob Tacy, Jr.  I consider myself an average American. I was raised as an only child, in a lower-income working family… my dad was an iron molder until he was 55, then ran his own two-pump gas station for seven years, working seven days a week twelve hours a day. The only breaks he got were when I relieved him for a few hours on weekends during school months and a few more days during the summer. Other than that he took three days off each year… Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. He spent his later years working for a friend who own a gas station in Anaheim California. He worked until he was 82 years old and died two and half years later. Hard work and the willingness to do what you had to do to take care of your family was how I was brought up. Not once in his life did he apply for or receive any government assistance.

At seventeen I quit high school and joined the Army but got my GED during Basic Training. I Served three years, two and half of those years in Germany. I made the rank of Sergeant E-5 in 31 months. When I got out I took a labor job for minimum wage.  From that first job I was always looking for a better job because I wanted more for my family than I had growing up. Not that I was unhappy, but when I saw people with new, nice cars living in big houses… I had the desire to want to achieve that standard of living.

After three job changes I ended up working for two major corporations; General Telephone Directory Co. (Yellow Pages) and General Tire & Rubber Company.  With those two companies I had a chance to develop sales and management skills and was very successful with both companies.  With that confidence I took a big risk, even with  four kids, and started my own sales training company in 1978. After a four-year shaky start, it resulted in a 30-plus year very successful career that allowed me to raise our standard of living and gave my kids an atmosphere of success to grow up in.  I was able to educate all four of my kids and help give my daughters nice weddings.  I achieved my ultimate goal of living on a lake with a boat house.  But it was too far from the kids and grandkids so I moved back to the Northwest, fulfilling yet another goal… having the freedom to live wherever I chose in order to be close to family.

I didn’t pay much attention to politics as I spent most waking days (and many nights) working hard to maintain our standard of living that I wanted for myself and my family.  Like my father, not once in those almost 40 years did I ask for or get any government assistance.  Not when any of my kids got sick, not when I paid out of pocket to have two hips replaced at age 55… or during any other time where we had financial difficulties.  In our free country it is no one else’s responsibility to provide for me or my family. Yes there were a couple of times that I asked for and received some from family, but that was it.

Starting in 2006 as I wound down my career and extensive traveling, I had more free time and I started to became more engaged in politics.  At the time I became fascinated with a new vibrant, enthusiastic young man by the name of Barak Obama. But as a professional speaker and seminar presenter for most of my life, as I watched and listened, something was very wrong. The tone, the body language, the carefully woven words that were never specific… a presentation style that mirrored a typical salesman making his best sales-pitch, at times sounding like a old-time salvation preacher… then back to the ‘snake-oil’ salesman of the past. He used strange words that I had never heard in politics such as “redistribution of wealth” – “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  What did he mean?  Whose wealth? To whom?  At what income where you considered the wealthy?  Transformed into what?  Thus started my quest for knowledge.  My wife began reading every political book out there and I started with the Internet.  What we learned was disturbing and not just with our president… but politics in general.

I tell you all this to give you an idea of who I am and where I stand politically.  I consider myself a “Constitutional Conservative,” but I also believe that you have to use common sense. I intend on covering many political subjects as well as how politics is linked to social programs.  I will speak the truth and the measure of that truth will be Constitution of the United States… the same Constitution that I held up my right hand and swore to uphold and protect from all enemies, foreign and domestic when I enlisted in the Army.

I would like to make two important core points that I will refer to many times in my articles… In a free society people must be self-reliant and be responsible for their own livelihood regardless of their standard of living. In a free society it’s impossible for everyone to have equal results. What is important is that every able-bodied person have equal opportunity. The results will differ because of ambition, education, training, the amount of effort one is willing to put forth, hard work, commitment, desire, vision, confidence and support. I fully understand that there are people whom for mental and/or physical reason can’t take advantage of opportunity and are what I refer to as the “truly needy…” meaning they don’t have the means to provide for themselves and have a roof over their head, enough food to eat, don’t have access to fresh, clean water or able to see a doctor when they are sick or injured… those of us who feel a moral responsibility should help those people either directly or through our churches, charities and other organizations.  I accomplish this through my local Puyallup South Hill Rotary Club and donations to The Salvation Army, Boy Scouts and several other organizations.  We are the most charitable people in the world, and for me and my wife, we feel a moral obligation to help others. Besides everything else that’s available, we believe in family and helping one another.  Here you will see the first of many conflicts between personal freedom and liberty and the federal government.  Every dollar the government takes from any of us in taxes to help those they think needs help… infringes on our freedom to use our money to help who WE think needs it more.

So let me end this article with the following two thoughts that will be alluded to in future articles:

There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States that allows the Federal Government to take money or property in the form of taxes from an individual or group of people and give it to another person or group because they, the federal government, feel that the recipient person or group deserves it more. 

Read that again and let it sink in.  In our free, constitutional republic no one is in any way responsible for the livelihood of another. To take from the labor of a person to give to another is a gross infringement of the worker’s freedom.  You may say… we have a moral obligation but you are wrong!  You may feel a “personal moral obligation” but it’s not the place of the federal government to establish or push their idea of what is moral or not for anyone. You and I elect the president and members of congress to do the work that the states can’t do themselves.  Just two examples would be to collect taxes for the security of the nation by funding the military and paying for the up-keep and preservation of federal parks, buildings, monuments etc. They cannot and should ever have the power to demand or force a person to be charitable.  Just because the progressives have been successful over the last 100 years in gradually distorting and over-reaching the Constitution for that purpose in gaining power for a centralized federal government, does not make it right.  The core objective of our unique and wonderful Constitution is to offer the individual maximum freedom and liberty. I’m all for caring for the TRULY needy and we’ll discuss the ways to do that legally in future articles.



The Federal Government cannot give anything to anyone unless they first take it away from someone else.

The Federal government has no money… it produces nothing.  It can only pay for any social program by taking millions, billions and trillions of dollars from other Americans or Companies and Corporations.  There is a basic truth today… there is a “provider” class and a “recipient” class and today we have more recipients than we do providers.  As this trend has continued we find that most of the ‘recipients’ don’t pay any income taxes leaving the entire burden on the minority ‘provider class.’  Let me explain it this way… if you rob from Peter and give to Paul… you will always have the support of Paul.  Once you have more Paul’s than Peter’s… it’s over… the Paul’s will continue to demand that the government take more and more from Peter to give to Paul or they will not support those in the government who said they would give them Peter’s money (or social benefits).  What makes this concept even more dangerous is that administrations of late are delaying the inevitable taxing of the providers by printing and borrowing the money to expand the recipient class.  But there is no free lunch, at some point our kids, grandkids and most likely generations beyond them will have to pay greatly increased taxes to cover just the interest on the debt, never mind the pay down the debt itself.

We are living in a very uncertain America.  Never has our country been so divided in so many ways – gender – economically – generationally and yes, racially fueled by an increased number of “Race-Baiters.” Our economy is on life-support with the Fed injecting 85 billion dollars every month into the economy.  The top 1% is growing like gang busters while the middle class is in decline both in numbers and income.  We have over half of Americans that make up two groups… not working and on some government assistance program those who are working at lower paying jobs, not paying income taxes and many of them also receiving welfare or tax credits.  Those folks make up just about half of all Americans. The number of people in poverty is the highest ever with the number of people in the work force at its lowest levels in 30 years. Our debt is over 106% of GDP and our national debt is over 17 trillion and growing at about a trillion a year.  We have over 124 trillion in unfunded liabilities for social security, medicare and drug program.  That puts every American in debt over a million dollars each.

I hope you agree with me that it’s not about Democrats, Republicans or Independents.  It’s about far left liberalism that borders on socialism and marxism philosophies against constitutional conservatives that want to start the pendulum swinging back the other way towards smaller government and lower taxes. We are at the turning point on several key areas of our society and politics as to whether we are going to remain a constitutional republic or go down the road of Europe to socialism.  For those who love our Constitution, freedom and liberty… we have to educate those who are being lied to and mislead as to what direction this administration is taking our country.

You don’t have to be a constitutional scholar or even a formally educated person to learn the truth. Getting started is to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution  a few times and understand what it says.  Regardless of what some would like you to believe it’s really not that complicated. Next is to use your God-given common sense.  I look forward to sharing my ideas and solutions to some of our most pressing problems.

Average American Bob