A Country Divided

Average American Bob


A Country Divided… Could it be an Orchestrated Plan to Greatly Expand the Power of Executive Branch and the Federal Government?


For those who have followed my writings over the last 8 years know that I’m careful not to get caught up in conspiracy theories.  Asking tough, unpopular questions of actions and reasons or meanings… yes! That is different.


One thing should be clear to anyone who is willing to be honest with themselves, regardless of their politics, is that Mr. Obama and this administration is using many of the tactics outlined in two political/social engineering resources… the book by Sal Alinsky – “Rules for Radicals” and “Cloward & Pevin Strategy for Ending Capitalism in America”.  When Obama was a Community Organizer Obama taught the concepts outlined in “Rules for Radicals” and the Cloward & Pevin Strategy to the ‘foot soldiers’ of the ACORN organization. This is the very organization that was charges with enough illegal actions that they have pretty much gone ‘underground’. He was exposed to these anti-American authors while attending Occidental and Columbia University in the 80s. If you have not read both of these sources… you will not have the information to understand the following.


All you have to do is back up and look at the big picture to know that this administration is using the ‘divide and conquer’ approach in order to gain emotional votes.  Unfortunately it requires deception and lying.  Example: “Conservatives, with Christian values, stand up for the unborn and let it be known that they are not in agreement of having their tax dollars pay for Abortions or contraception drugs that kill fertilized eggs… and suddenly  it becomes: “The Radical Right hates women and wants to restrict all contraception and abortions from all women.”  It’s not only the ugliness of the charge… but the willingness of the Main Stream Media (MSM) to report this gross distortion… over and over… to the point it becomes “propaganda” rather than the responsible reporting of facts.  This is a very dangerous trend that is growing and is worth its own article in the future.


A BIGGER PROBLEM AND MORE DANGEROUS POSSIBLE OBJECTIVE – This tactic has been used very successful to gain votes from specific blocs of voters.  You do this by first  carefully, verbally ‘painting’ a particular group, as ‘victims’, then start a well orchestrated attack on the opponent using descriptions and adjectives that are as false as the victim picture but get the emotions going on the side of the false victims. I think there is enough evidence to support the charge that it’s being used to promote and advance a larger and even more dangerous objective of Obama and his inter-circle… The gross expansion of the Executive Branch’s power and the expanded control of the Federal Government over the states!


Create a phony ‘crisis’ and then propose a costly government solution, thus giving the Federal Government another area of power and control of a new or expended group of people who become dependent. Group by group the government inserts itself into the issue and builds its power and expands its control over more and more of the population.  Obama Care is the biggest example thus far of the strategy.  The Federal Government now controls almost 9% of our total economy by DICTATING what type of healthcare insurance policies the insurance companies can sell and you can buy at raised premiums that are protected by the government.  The government selects who the ‘victims’ are and how much government subsidies they will receive.  If you have not paid attention… you may have missed the fact that all the participating insurance companies are no longer insurance companies.  They are simply the middle-man who sells what they are told and services the accounts. There really is no real competition within each state.  The insurance companies don’t care because, per the ACA, they are GUARANTEED a minimum profit margin.  If you didn’t know, we the taxpayers, have already paid over 1 billion dollars in bail-outs for some of the insurance companies and we will pay over 5.5 billion in 2015.  The ACA is the biggest vehicle for the expansion and power grab of the Federal Government in our history.


Other Presidents have tried to push the envelope in the past.  Bush’s ‘Patriot Act’ is just one of many examples you can look back on. The difference there it was a military crisis that prompted that expansion of the Federal Government control.  Same tactic – crises – Americans could be victims – Federal Government solution.


There is one condition that almost always exists to be successful… a crisis that instills either fear or hate… sometimes both.  Obama is a master of creating both using the tactics outline in the resources previously mentioned.  Raul Emanuel said it best… “You never want to let a good crisis go to waste.”  This same mentality was used many times by FDR over an entire decade.


Obama not only takes advantage of eternal crises, such as the Martin and Brown shootings, or a natural disaster such as hurricane Sandy in the Northeast, he’s willing and able to create a false crisis to advance his radical agenda. Examples:  Create fear and hate by flooding the country with illegals.  If you disagree… you are prejudice against Latinos and Hispanics.  Expand welfare in many ways, not only for the truly needy, but for able-bodied people to have a higher standard of living without working for it…  You disagree and you hate poor people and want children to starve. Voice your opinion that you don’t agree with Obama Care and in general the government take-over of the entire healthcare and the healthcare insurance industries…  You don’t care about poor people getting medical treatment or want little children to die on the steps of hospitals.  Cherry pick incidents where a white law enforcement officer who arrest or in fear of his life ended up having to kill a black perpetrator justifiably in the line of duty…  You are a racist.


It’s one thing to do use these despicable tactics for the purpose of getting votes by demonizing your opposition and falsely enraging entire groups of Americans; but what we all should be much more concern about is the much larger issue of using these tactics to give perceived acquiescence to bypass the Congress (the people’s voice in government) an/or overstepping the restraints and boundaries of our Constitution.  This is the same Constitution which is the core document that protects our individual freedoms and liberties.  This is the very document that separates the United States from every other country in the world.  How many of us have either forgotten or taken for granted how valuable our freedoms and liberties truly are?  Why are so many sitting by silently as more and more of our free choices in life are taken from us?  Isn’t it the amount of individual freedom and liberty, that the Constitution gives us, the most important element to our personal opportunity for success and happiness?  When any of us give up any freedom or liberty in the name of ‘security’, ‘fairness’, ‘social equality’, ‘political correctness’ or a host of other ‘feel-good’ emotional terms… you are allowing a centralized government to take more and more power over your life.  Never forget one of the most famous Ben Franklin quotes:

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”   My friends… our beloved Constitution are all that protects us from our own government becoming tyrannical! I challenge anyone to give another explanation for the actions Mr. Obama and his inter-circle have taken other than to expand the Federal Government and increase their power and control over the lives of the average American.


The name of our website is “” for a serious reason.  Both Wayne and I have been studying the ‘incrementical’ changes that the far Left have been pushing for and making methodically and patiently for over a hundred years.  The gradual, in the background, infiltration of key industries and culture influence groups have established the foundation for a take-over of the Federal Government that will diminish the power of the congress and diminish or end the following of the Constitution as our governing document.  Look around and be honest.  Our educational system is primarily stocked with Liberal teachers and professors guarded by powerful liberal unions who give almost exclusively to the Democratic Party.  They have been… and are today ‘indoctrinating’ our youth with distorted Liberal views of America’s past history or worse omitting important points and events.


Look at our some of our finest universities… they have open, self-acclaimed Marxist, Communist, former felons including past convicted domestic terrorist such as Bill Aires and Doreen Dorn.  What do you think these people are teaching our children?  Have you noticed that when Obama travels around on one of his Social Issues speaking tours that he almost exclusively speaks at colleges and universities?  Do you realize how easy it is to influence even bright young people because they simply don’t have any adult, real-life experiences to pull from and judge whether what they are being told is truth or not. I know… as a Independent Corporate Trainer for over 35 years… I can tell you it’s easy to impress new hires than very experienced employees.  Power and Control, ladies and gentlemen… that’s what this administration and all ‘Progressive’ politicians are about.


Look at Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry… two to three times the Liberals to Conservatives. Just this month “American Sniper” was nominated for several awards including Best Picture.  When was the last time a Best Picture nomination didn’t include a nomination for the Director?  Could it be this time because of Clint Eastwood’s ‘empty chair’ speech at the RNC?  Americans, especially our youth, are subjected to mostly Liberal views and biases every time they go to the movies or watch a TV show… including the day-time talk shows and sitcoms.  Think about how many people watch a show like “The View” and believe the comments they see and hear there to be an accurate analysis of current events.


And finally and the most dangerous… the media.  Other than FOX news and talk radio the Liberal networks, including tax-payer Public Radio, now have the power to advance any liberal talking point or liberal policy it wishes, or to rebuke or slander any Conservative person or topic of the day.   Most polls confirm that the Liberal-leaning MSM reaches about 70% of Americans per day while Conservative outlets including Conservative-leaning FOX and talk radio who reach only about 30%. I would also submit that the radical left also has a big edge in using social media.


After taking over both houses of Congress in 2006… the far left Liberals started laying the groundwork for a hopeful presidential win.  They immediately started expanding spending (with little resistance from Bush) to influence blocs of voters.  Check it out if you wish… of the 4 trillion dollars of new debt that Bush added in his 8 years… almost half of it was accrued in the last two years of his second term… after the Democrats took over both houses of congress.  All that was needed was a radical front person, a false, Hollywood  created ‘character’ with the ability to deliver the words from a teleprompter written by some of the best liberal ‘word-weavers’ in the country.  Obama would read the words… and the Liberal MSM would communicate the message to unknowing and under-informed voters who would accept most, if not all, as the truth, when in fact most of the message was deceptive and filled with lies.  Even with Obama slipping from time to time and telling the truth about his goals of making the Constitution irrelevant because in his mind it was flawed, the compliant MSM would cover for him.  When Obama “misspoke” and told of his desire to govern on his own with Executive Orders that grossly overstep his Constitutional authority… there was the MSM to minimize the damage.  When he made it clear that he planned to aggressively redistribute wealth; (which is actually redistributing the income of the middle class to anyone who had less) there was the MSM omitting the issue from their newscast.


Please don’t doubt what I say.  Below is a link to one of his earliest public statements of those goals.  Look for the point where he calls the Constitution a “Charter of negative liberties that say what the State Government, the Federal Government can’t do to you… Not what the Government must do on your behalf…”  It will become clear that Mr. Obama believes in a Constitution that says what the government must do on your behalf… even if it’s not what you want… in his mind you are stupid and incompetent and you should accept what the government says is best for you… how you should act… how you should participate willingly in giving up your money to provide for other able-bodied people (many illegals) who will not work hard or even work at all to provide for themselves and have little problem taking Government handouts – your money – in exchange for their votes.


Never forget what Mr. Obama said five days before the 2008 Election Day… “We are just five days from Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America.”  Notice that not once has Obama every articulated exactly what he meant by that statement… transformation into what?  I also contend… if you truly love someone, or your country, you are not going to announce to the world that in five days you are going to Fundamentally Transform them.  I know that if my wife would have heard me say such a thing five days before our wedding… there would not have been a wedding.  “You are marrying me to do what!”  One must dislike, be unhappy with, see much that is negative and little that is good or positive to say you want to do something as drastic as you want to Fundamentally Transform it.


But the most nauseating singe tactic that this administration has used over and over again is the race card.  Who would have thought that America would elect as their first President of color, a half-black man, who himself would use race to put people on the defensive by slandering them in such a disgusting way… proving that it is actually he… who is a racist.  Before you get too outraged or upset… stop and look at the facts.  Why and how did he react to the Cambridge police who, in his words, “acted stupidly” in the arrest of one of his college professor friends?


How about his claims that if he had a son, he would like Trayvon Martin?  How about his comments and the sending of Holder to Ferguson after the Brown shooting when the Grand Jury couldn’t find any evidence to charge the police.  His comment was… “We have to accept that it was the Grand Jury’s decision to make…” but not once mentioned or even hinted to that the decision was correct and/or should be respected.  Not even just a couple of weeks ago when it was announced that the Federal Government couldn’t find any evidence that the officer acted because of race and no charges will be filed did the president or holder back off.  They also concluded that race was not involved but to keep this issue alive… support the civil aspects of the case.


Why does the President of the United States inject himself into these local issues but only when it’s a white/Hispanic on black crimes and yet says not one word about the hundreds of black on black murders and other crimes in Chicago alone?  Why does the President of the United States, with so many other critical domestic and Foreign Policy issues, take time to have dozens of meetings on a supposedly huge national problem of white police singling out black people to arrest and shoot?  My friends… that problem simply does not exist?  Go back to 2008, are you telling me that we had a gross national issue of racism and black injustice?  Yes, there are stupid, ignorant racist people in this country… there still may be pockets of some areas of the country where blacks are treated unfairly… but I can point out areas in the country where that would be true of Native Americans as well.  It’s not generally accepted and it’s being rejected more and more every year.  But to say that today, we have a gross crisis of race inequality or that, as a general statement, we have police all over the country purposely selecting young black males to harass, arrest or kill is absurd, untrue and damn offensive!  It’s a slap in the face to 99% of hard working law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day for us.


Why would the President of the United States… the most powerful man in the free world take the time on dozens of meetings on this issue?  At this time and place why appoint as head advisors such people who are known Race Agitators or what some call Race Baiters, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson  and give them a voice along with his as to how these local issues should be ‘corrected”?  At last report… Sharpton still owes the state of New York and the IRS millions in back taxes… some report over 4 million… but only the amount is in dispute.  This man is a radical thug, making his money by constantly stirring the pot of hatred and making false accusations of racism.  They try to keep unsuspecting poor blacks feel like they are victims and that the entire white race is out to get them and they speak for them and are trying to get them restitution.  So keep putting your dollars in the “passed hat.”  How sick can one man be?  And this is the type of people Obama calls upon to ‘help’ him with this huge problem of police centered racism in America?  Are you kidding me?  The only problem that exists is that which has been incited by Obama and his friend Holder.


So let’s just ask the big question… WHY?  Why all of these tactics and political maneuvers?  The answer, in my opinion is very clear. Mr. Obama’s presidency is turning out to be the most failed presidency in our history.  But the job of diminishing America’s role of being the world’s leader and collapsing Capitalism is, in his mind, not done yet.  Remember, radical change comes much easier when we have a ‘crisis’.  The bigger the crisis… the more the radical left can change.  Just go back and study FDR.  If you divide the country into groups, pit those groups against one another you encourage civil disorder.  Obama has been successful in dividing Americans in many ways as I’ve alluded to earlier.  By race, economic/social status, generationally, gender, educational… every way you can.  Go ahead, step back and ask yourself…

Do you feel better about the unity of the American people today than in 2007?

Do you feel that our financial footing is stable?

Do you see more racial harmony or division?

Do you see a constant shouting of the narrative that all Conservatives hate women?

How many Americans do you know who are saving $2,500 on their family’s health care insurance?

How many of you were able to keep your chosen policy?

How many are able today to keep your own doctor or go to the clinic or hospital closes to your home or the one that has the best care for your condition?

How many of you feel you are growing economically?

How many of you lost your job during the down-turn of 08 and as of today still can’t replace the money you earned before this administration?

How many of you are paying more in taxes when Obama promised over and over that you would not see one dime in increased taxes?

How many of you feel you have MORE choices than you had before Obama took office?

How many of you feel you have FEWER choices?

How many of you have more faith in your Federal Government than before Mr. Obama.  How many of you know in your gut that it’s not right for Mr. Obama to act on such statements: “If congress doesn’t do what I want them to do… I’ll do it on my own.”

Do you realize how dangerous that is to our core idea of being self-governing via a Constitutional Republic?

Do you feel today that the Federal Government is serving you… or that YOU are serving an ever-growing bloated Federal Government run by a “Governing Class” who lives like kings while the average American is struggling just to keep from lowering their standard of living?

How do you feel knowing that the average Federal Government worker makes double that of the average worker in the private sector and can retire up to 15 years earlier in life with a pension that is 25% to 30% more than SS?

How do you feel knowing that those union members, through their mandated dues give almost exclusively to the Democrat Party who advance Socialist/Marxist principles?

How do you feel knowing that you are being lied to almost daily… that you are being manipulated for the purpose of the government taking more and more power over your daily lives as they take away more and more of your choices… your freedom?

And lastly… how do you feel knowing that Mr. Obama has set new precedents for the power of the Executive Branch… demonstrated by the amount of governing by Fiat through Executive Orders  that greatly overstep the limits stated in the Constitution Article One.


I hope, if nothing else, I’ve stirred some motivation for you to check out some of the things I’ve said.  Learn for yourself how your whole, free way of life and that of your kids and grandkids are under attack.  I challenge everyone to answer these simple questions:


If Liberalism and Liberal policies. Introduced and promoted by today’s Radical Left, are so good… why must we be forced to accept them and mandated to participate and if not be penalized, fined or possibly jailed?


Where in the Constitution of the United States does it allow for the Federal Government to take money from one worker and give it to another person THEY say deserves it more than the person who earned it?


We had to fight a violent, ugly revolutionary war to win our freedom and liberty… why not stand up and fight with your engagement in the process and with your votes to keep your freedom, if not for yourself… for our kids and grandkids.  I encourage you to set up a monthly line of communication with your Representative and two Senators with written letters, e-mails and phone calls. If you don’t… you will be part of the reason that this  “Transformation” of America will continue.


Average American Bob