The ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’ is a means to an end

by Average American Bob


understanding AHAWhether you are an Obama supporter or not (and it’s beyond me why anyone would continue supporting a now exposed habitual liar and gross hypocrite), we need to be very concerned about the continued changes made to the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) on the fly, by Obama. I hope everyone understands the precedent that is being set. Do we really want this, or any president, to have the power to change legislation passed by congress, as he or she sees fit?  It’s bad enough that with Judge Roberts and the Supreme Court decision, the Federal Government now has the right to force anyone they decide, to buy a product from a private or publicly own company; and if they don’t, punish them by taxing them any amount they decide? Allowing the President the power to alter, change, delete or add to legislation passed by congress sets a dangerous precedent. Bypassing congress is such a departure from our legislative process it becomes form of dictatorship. In effect, the President is saying, “I’m not getting what I want or expect from congress so I’ll just change the legislation they approved as I see fit”. 

Government control of private enterprise is the other part of this equation being swept under the rug. In addition to dictating exactly how their product must be designed or service rendered, the insurance companies are no longer real insurance companies… they are not free to establish rates according to various risk as everyone with any condition must be accepted and covered.  They are nothing more than the money collection agencies. This intrusion, into other industries such as the financial and energy industries are good examples.  Regulation, taxes, fines and corporate welfare programs that favor some businesses while penalizing others, make it nearly impossible for economic growth and expansion, i.e., job creation. Isn’t this a form of Marxism? This appears to be a back door first step to that end.

Let’s step back and look at the big picture of the AHA legislation. The President (and many others on the left) in selling the American people on this healthcare monstrosity mislead the American people by stating gross lies about what the Affordable Healthcare Act really contained. They used devious, unethical (if not illegal kick-backs and special favors to get votes) methods, (reconciliation, not a straight up vote) of any major piece of legislation with no bipartisan votes. Those who voted for it didn’t have time to read it, so they passed over 2,400 pages of legislation without knowing what it was they were voting on. Harry Reid pushed for an immediate vote and Nancy Pelosi made the absurd statement that, “We will have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”… Much more than absurd, her comment was arrogant, irresponsible and negligent. Because Congress did not uphold its basic responsibility to understand exactly what they were voting on, we are stuck with a disastrous law that will crush the entire American healthcare industry and is… and will continue to impose severe financial hardship on tens of millions of Americans.

Someone knew what was in the bill. Even before it was passed, Obama was besieged with requests for exemptions. He responded by giving his friends, supporters, unions, congressional members and others exemptions from the law. If the law is so good why are so many requesting exemptions from it?  If congress is passing legislation with the best interests of the American citizenry at heart, shouldn’t congress be willing to live under the laws that they pass? Of course they don’t want it we are learning more every day about the much higher premiums, deductibles which in many cases are doubling and tripling. We are learning that we can’t keep our doctors and your clinic or hospital of choice may not be a part of your new shrinking ‘network’ unless you are willing to pay even more. It is a gross abuse of power to impose a major costly, change to the health insurance of tens of millions of Americans while they, the ‘powers to be’ exempt themselves. With this precedent in place, what other bills will they pass to advance their agenda while exempting themselves?

This legislation was never about giving America better, cheaper healthcare. It’s all about redistribution of wealth. Remember, over 80% of all Americans liked their healthcare and insurance before Obama Care and those who didn’t have insurance still had access to healthcare via public clinics and emergency rooms. Everyone in America had access to healthcare before Obama Care and while some reforms may have been needed, most Americans never approved Obama Care or this kind of change. Look it up…every major poll showed that a majority of Americans disapproved of the legislation… never did over 50% approve of it. Here is where the polls were in November:

Just before Christmas the approval rating for Obama Care sank to 35%

Since the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, Obama has given even more exemptions to individuals, unions, congressional aides and staffers who have put pressure on him, i.e. the Teamsters Union. They also buried a clause in the massive bill which eliminated the grandfather clause which allowed massive numbers of people to keep their current insurance, thus forcing them into Obama care.  How about all the deadline changes other eleventh hour tweaks making it almost impossible for the insurance companies and millions of Americans to comply? Today, as I write this, more deadlines were changed, along with allowing yet more groups further extensions of their deadlines.  President Obama even back-tracked and announced that some people who lost their insurance can once again buy one of those “junk” catastrophic insurance policies for one year.

All this is going to get even worse in January, when 80 to 90 million more people insured through their employers find out how much more they will be paying for insurance. With the astronomical increases in premiums and deductibles, the vast majority of us have no reasonable expectation of seeing any return on our insurance investment. We have personal experience… my wife’s rate for her 2014 policy is going up 43% and here deductible has doubled and the co-pays have soared. Quite frankly, we liked her inferior policy. It had decent coverage for a reasonable premium, deductable and co-pay.  But most important… we had CHOICES!

And let’s take a look at another lie being stated by Mr. Obama and the leftists. “The GOP only wants to repeal Obama Care… where are their ideas, where is their better plan?”  Look it up folks… the GOP and conservatives in the House have passed over a dozen individual pieces of healthcare reform legislation, each addressing concerns such as access to healthcare for those who don’t have insurance, those with pre-existing conditions as well as stopping the practice of being dropped if you get sick.  And they are the ONLY ones who submitted ideas to actually bring down the cost of healthcare insurance with comprehensive tort reform and allowing healthcare insurance providers to sell across state lines, which would allow those companies to greatly reduce their risk factors by expanding their insurance pools.  Yet, Harry Reid refused to bring even one of those bills to the Senate floor for a vote.  He made sure there was no competing legislation to the AHA. Ironically, he accuses the GOP of being the party of NO.  The reason that the GOP doesn’t have a ‘big’ alternative plan to Obama Care, is because they don’t want or need to completely take over the healthcare or healthcare insurance industries to solve the major problems.

If you’re sitting on the sidelines saying, “That’s just the way it is” or “It will all work out and be okay,”  please reconsider.

Benjamin Franklin
“Any society that would give a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

That statement is true today as it was 135 years ago. This is your FREEDOM and LIBERTY you are giving away. Think of how helpless you feel knowing the government will punish you if you don’t comply with what they want you to buy, regardless of how much more you have to pay or how inferior the product or service is. And this is just the beginning. What will they do to our kids and grandkids in future years?

We have the greatest document in the world, a Constitution that was written to protect our individual freedom and liberty.  I urge you to fight for it!  Don’t let power-hungry individuals or groups take it from you and make no mistake… that’s exactly what this is about… power, control and the gain of wealth for those who are successful at taking that power. Some may be able to disguise their intent with misdirection and deception, hidden in carefully chosen words, spoken so ‘elegantly;’ but don’t be fooled… we can’t merely listen to what they say… we must look at what they have done, what they are doing and they want to do.  It’s in their actions, not their words we find the truth.

Average American Bob

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