Will The GOP Will Take Control of the Senate and Keep the House?

Will The GOP Will Take Control of the Senate and Keep the House?

pelosiI think Obama knows his Democrat controlled Senate is in trouble and I can’t see any way the Democrats take back control of the house, especially knowing that Nancy Pelosi would once again become Speaker.  You know the one who gleefully said: “You’ll have to pass the bill to learn what’s in it” and “The best way to stimulate the economy is to extend the unemployment payments.”

However, with that said, we have all seen what extremes this president, administration and the Democrats, as a whole, are willing to say and do in order to win elections.  As I have said many times they have the distinct advantage of being able to reach 70% of low-informed voters on a daily basis through a very compliant Main-Street Media (MSM).  Whatever Obama says is the truth to them because they are never exposed to the outlets that call out the misinformation and lies.  His falling trust numbers and lowering approval polls do tell you some people are getting the message… but is it enough?  After all the lies that have recently been exposed with Obama Care and the new information on Benghazi, how can 38% to 40% of the people still support him?  If they do know that he is lying and don’t care… what does that tell us about the moral character of our country?

You can be assured that there will be an army of union and ACORN-type people who will be out in full force in every district and state where the Democrats think they can influence the elections.  I think you will see increased complaints on voter fraud, but as with Al Franken in MN and many other close races that all went to the Democrats; votedemocratit will be too late when they discover the dual votes, votes cast by felons and other illegal votes.  You note that it’s only the Democrats who won’t support picture IDs for voters.  Why?  Because they know there is a serious voter fraud issue in this country that greatly favors the Democrats.  Then there is the tactic of running phony Independent 3rd Party candidates that take just enough votes to make sure the GOP, Conservative candidate lose as it did in the last Virginia State Governor’s race.

I think you will see one of the most intense re-direction campaigns ever in order to distract from the failing of Obama Care and the outcry as millions are hard hit with the losing of their current policies and having to pay hundreds more per month for their new coverage. My own son would have had to pay over $6,000 more for his healthcare insurance for his family with the doubling of his deductable. He’s one of those who will pay the fine and go without insurance this year.  How ridiculous and sad is that?  He is a 43 year old man with a young family who can’t afford to buy the government mandated insurance yet still has to pay a $700 to $800 fine just because he can’t comply.

Think about that for a moment; isn’t this tyranny and the loss of freedom?  Who would have ever thought this could happen in America?  As of this writing… over 8 million people have lost their healthcare insurance and only around 4 million have signed up for Obama Care.  But here is the statistic that should bother everyone: The CBO said that the number of uninsured will not fall below 30 million people under Obama Care. Now we know many of those will be those middle-class families who have had their current insurance canceled and can’t afford Obama Care.  I guess the poorer of us are more deserving than hard-working Americans.

I haven’t even talked about the longer waiting lines for treatment, the refusal of some treatments, the loss of your doctor, hospital and some drugs. I haven’t mentioned the shrinking networks and extra cost if you need medical treatment out of your network. This horrible legislation is creating a problem that is ten times more serious than the ones it was intended to correct.  Now you see a coordinated campaign from over a half dozen of left news outlets spinning the message that there is no one being hurt by Obama Care and that it’s just a bunch of misinformation from the right.  Unbelievable!  And the lies just keep coming.

liberal-hypocrisy-politicsThe first redirection attempt will be to get everyone focused on “the inequality of income.”  This administration is the master of ‘divide and conquer’ mentality.  You will see the narrative of rich vrs. poor repeated in over and over again all the way to November. You will hear how people working at minimum wage can’t live and raise a family on the current minimum wage.  Sounds good, but when was the minimum wage ever meant to be enough to raise a family?  Most us started out with minimum wage jobs and used them as our first stepping stone to advance up the economic ladder with hard work and the gaining of experience.

The diversions will be on more than one front. You will see another main distraction using immigration reform. You will see the big slander campaigns launched by a president and his pundits who know he has nothing to lose.  Leading up to the November election you will see very ugly campaigns degrading, slandering and demeaning every Republican as racist, against Hispanics and other illegal immigrants. As they push for amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens, it will be disguised as something else using smoke and mirrors and the word ‘fair’ everywhere.  If someone breaks into your home and demands that you provide them with a job, food, medical care and that you educate their children… do you invite them to stay or have them arrested?

Low-information voters will never hear about how giving amnesty to that many people will totally overwhelm our economy and worsen even further our unemployment problem costing citizens the loss of millions of more jobs.

Another area of distraction will be giving even more extensions for the unemployed. Progressives are very good at class warfare. They will label the Republicans as totally insensitive, uncaring, horrible people who would rather worry about a few billion dollars and stand by while “families lose everything” and “kids go hungry.” Most uninformed people will never hear about the damage that is done to individuals who adjust their standard of living to live on unemployment, and are no longer willing to go out and get a job or training as they lose their pride and self-esteem. This is just the administration’s way of buying more votes.  Take from those who are working and give it to able-bodied people who just live on their unemployment and work part time under the table for the extra money they may need or want.  I’m not implying that everyone on unemployment is doing this, but it’s human nature for many to take the path of least resistance.  This administration is very willing as they know… who would vote against the hand that gives you free stuff?

The other big topic that will be used as a diversion will be climate change.  That’s the one that will use mass fear tactics to whip up the hate war against the Right, who the left claims, want dirty water, dirty air and hates all living things.  I’m going to dedicate an entire article on this, topic but for now let me say it straight… climate change is happening and it will continue to happen and we earthlings have little to do with it.  It’s all about money!  The politicians want to tax CO2 and get hundreds of millions from the environmentalist groups.  It’s that simple!  It’s one of the greatest hoaxes ever pushed on the American people. For the purposes of distraction, it’s a great topic because of the emotional aspect.

This group of Obama radicals have no respect for the truth and have absolutely or moral compass.  It will be very ugly as we will see our country divided even more than it is now.  But for Mr. Obama and the Progressives… The end justifies the means.

These radical liberals know how to play the game of offering anything to anyone, in order to buy their votes. They count on the selfishness of the “takers” who are way above the “truly needy” level. They will take all they can get from the Democrats, and show their appreciation by supporting them at the polls with no concern or caring that their free stuff is not really coming from the government, but instead out of the pockets of their fellow hard working Americans.  Once again the MSM will not inform these people of the facts of the damage and danger the radical spending is doing to the country as a whole. They won’t point out to these under-informed voters that the reason why 20.3 million people are still unemployed, is because of Obama’s polices and regulations that have all but choked off and killed private sector job growth. (Note: 10.6 million unemployed is the ‘official’ number reported by the government.  The ‘actual’ number is 20.3 million per the government http://www.usdebtclock.org/ )

They will never learn that Obama is all about helping the top 1%.  They won’t be told that it’s actually Wall-Street, the big banks and the biggest of businesses are all doing very well under Obama’s policies and regulations. They will never learn that over 93% of the recovery money since 2009 has gone to the top 1% under Obama.  (Don’t believe it?  Just Google or Bing “93% of recovery wealth go to the top 1%”)  They will not be told that it’s actually the middle class that is getting decimated, driving more and more of them below the poverty line.  Even those who are holding on to their middle class status have watched their income drop by over $5,000 a year since 2008 under Obama while prices for almost everything keep going up.  Most will see a drop of hundreds of dollars more per month in take-home pay just because of Obama Care crushing many more middle-class families.  What you will continue to see is the greatest wealth redistribution in our history.  Not from the wealth to the truly needy… but from the middle-class to those who simply have less.

My head tells me that we should see in November a stronger mandate than we saw in 2010, but my gut says watch out… these anti-Capitalist radicals have some very unsavory things up their sleeves.  It’s hard to beat those who are willing to lie, cheat and steal and a compliant MSM that won’t expose them.  You can stop this madness with your vote for Constitutional Conservatives next November.  I pray that every Constitution-loving Patriot will get to the polls and vote.

Average American Bob




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