wrong wayAs we start a new year we constitutional conservatives need to begin thinking about this year’s election cycle. As critical as the last three cycles were – and after experiencing the results of just 5 years of radical liberalism, (some would say Socialism/Marxism) as well as reckless and dangerous spending, we need to focus. We need a plan to stop the madness and get the country going in the right direction. Amid the confusion one thing puts it into perspective: almost 2/3rds or 64% of Americans think we are going in the wrong direction. Only 29% of Americans think we are going in the right direction. 1

 THE BLOOM IS OFF THE ROSE – Many who thought Obama would be a catalyst for ‘hope and change,’  run a transparent administration and get rid of lobbyists, all while acting as the great ‘unifier’ of America and the world, are discovering he’s just another slick-talking politician, a far-left progressive, willing to say and do anything to advance his agenda. His scheme for wealth redistribution and implementation of other radical-left policies are destroying free market capitalism. After five years we need to face the reality of 7 trillion dollars in new debt and an economy on life-support, being infused with over 85 billion a month in freshly printed Federal Reserve dollars to keep the banks and Wall Street afloat. We need to look at actual unemployment numbers, well over 13% and much higher for young people and minorities where unemployment runs 25% and higher.  2

After five years of failed stimulus programs and policies, we have more people living in government defined poverty than at any time in our history. Food stamp recipients have increased a whopping 47% and we’ve seen huge increases in SS disability recipients. Currently, the number of able bodied Americans in the work force is at its lowest in 40 years. And now Obama Care threatens to destroy our entire healthcare system. Millions of Americans are being forced to pay for health insurance (not necessarily better access to quality medical care) for those who already have access to medical care through free clinics and public health programs. We need healthcare reform to address the problems of providing medical treatment for the truly needy, those with preexisting conditions and those who lose their insurance after becoming sick. Obama and his progressive administration would not even consider the many ideas submitted by conservatives. Senate majority leader Harry Reid refused to allow even one of the House proposals to be brought to the Senate floor.

This takeover of the healthcare industry (and quietly the healthcare insurance industry as well) is not about providing affordable healthcare insurance or improving the quality of care we receive.  It is the dream – the Holy Grail of the progressive movement – to take control of roughly 7% of the U.S. economy and everything the healthcare industry touches. Obama Care will be enthusiastically embraced by millions of Americans who will have 100% of their healthcare insurance and/or medical care paid for by tens of millions of their fellow Americans; charging them not only for their own healthcare insurance but an additional premium to cover the expense of those declared exempt. This amounts to forced charity with the federal government acting as a bloated, corrupt middle man, paid to administrate this monstrosity.

Along with many other irresponsible entitlement programs, this new law is running us into national financial ruin. Starting now, we need to support fiscally conservative candidates; Candidates with the courage of their convictions who, once elected will stand with the American majority and begin correcting the policies that have stunted private sector growth.

NEVER FORGET THOSE WHO DEMONSTRATE CONTEMPT AND DISREGARD FOR THE WISHES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – By now, most people understand that AHA was passed using despicable tactics – lies, kick-backs, back-room deals and reconciliation procedure rather than a straight up vote in the Senate. The bill was passed with a 100% partisan vote, not a single republican/conservative voted for it, while the democrats who voted to pass it did so without reading it; a blatant demonstration of gross incompetence and negligence. Keep in mind, none of the people who voted to pass this healthcare bill are subject to its requirements – they have their own, special, better, exclusive, health insurance plan paid for compliments of the taxpayers. None of the representatives, who voted to pass this bill, deserves to be reelected… not one of them!


Don’t be influenced by the House and Senate Democrats who voted for Obama Care. Through the compliant media we hear – coincidentally, just before they’re up for re-election – these people suddenly see the error of their ways. They frequently speak out against the law to distance themselves from a declining administration, knowing their reelection is in jeopardy. Don’t get sucked in! Don’t let them off the hook! Replace all of them! Click on the link below to see a list of both House and Senate Democrats who voted for the bill – and those who didn’t. With their vote they have said loud and clear, “We know better than you what you need and we will force you to accept it or we will tax you into submission.”

If we continue to elect radical and/or incompetent representatives willing to vote against the will of the people, we will never win our freedom and liberty back. Keep in mind, not once since its introduction has Obama Care ever had approval by the majority of the American people.

Look for candidates with fiscally conservative records. They are everywhere – in the republican and democratic parties as well as independents and libertarians. Fiscally responsible candidates may not place social and foreign policy considerations at the top of their list, but creating jobs, slowing and reversing spending and reestablishing our financial stability are far more important to our future. If we don’t get our finical house in order we will all suffer in ways we don’t even want to consider. We must stop taking from the middle class to support an ever-growing dependent class.

And to you, recipients…understand, the government doesn’t give you anything. The government has no money except what it collects in taxes. They cannot give anything unless they first take money away from tax-paying americans, restricting their choices and their freedom. Most of us don’t begrudge taking care of the truly needy but our constitution is supposed to protect us from a government that thinks they have the right to take from one person and give to another just because ‘THEY’ decide they’re more deserving.  Nowhere in our great constitution does it say that one person or group of people is responsible for the livelihood of another.

In an age of instant access to information there’s no excuse for ignorance. We must be diligent, do our homework and share accurate information.

It’s been said before, but I sincerely believe the November 2014 election will become the most important in 50 years.

Average American Bob




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